Mark 20 torpedo

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Mark 20 torpedo
Type Anti-surface ship torpedo[1]
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service never in service[1]
Production history
Designer Naval Torpedo Station Newport[1]
Electric Storage Battery Company
General Electric
Designed 1943[1]
Manufacturer General Electric
No. built 20[1]
Weight approx. 3100 pounds[1]
Length 246 inches[1]
Diameter 21 inches[1]

Effective firing range 3500 yards[1]
Warhead Mk 20, TNT[1]
Warhead weight 500 pounds[1]
none assigned[1]

Engine Electric[1]
Speed 33 knots[1]

The Mark 20 torpedo was a US torpedo designed in 1943 but never used in service.

Design was by Naval Torpedo Station Newport, the Electric Storage Battery Company and General Electric. This project was a continuation of the development of a submarine-launched, anti-surface ship torpedo originally designated Mark 2 in 1941 which was the second attempt to develop a torpedo of this type. The earlier effort, designated Mark 1, in post-World War I years (1919-1931), was terminated after the torpedo produced proved unsatisfactory in speed and range.[1]

The Mark 20 never progressed beyond the development stage due to the success of the Mark 18 torpedo, however, 20 units were produced by General Electric for testing purposes.


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