Mark 39 torpedo

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Mark 39 torpedo
Type Homing torpedo[1]
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1946-1956[1]
Used by United States Navy
Production history
Designer Vitro Corporation[1]
Ordnance Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University
Designed 1946[1]
Manufacturer Philco[1]
Weight 1725 pounds[1]
Length 133 inches[1]
Diameter 19 inches[1]

Effective firing range 1300 yards[1]
(26-minute search duration)
Warhead Mk 39 Mod 0, HBX[1]
Warhead weight 130 pounds[1]
Mk 19 Mod 10 contact exploder[1]

Engine Electric[1]
Speed 15.5 knots[1]

The Mark 39 torpedo was the first homing torpedo in United States Navy service to use a trailing wire for mid-course guidance through the submarine's fire control system. The Mark 39 was actually a Mark 27 Mod 4 torpedo converted for development of wire guidance techniques, which were eventually incorporated into the Mark 37 Mod 1 and the Mark 45. Due to this development, the Mark 39 was considered obsolete and the remaining inventory was scrapped.[1]


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