Mark Abma

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Mark Abma
Personal information
Nickname(s) "Abadigima"
Nationality  Canada
Born (1980-03-03)March 3, 1980
Sport Big Mountain

Mark Abma (born March 3, 1980) is a professional freeskier from Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia.[1] He has won numerous awards, including the Powder Video Award for Best Male Performance in 2007 and 2005. Abma was first known as a mogul and park skier, but moved on to the back country and heliskiing later in his career. He has been featured in many extreme skiing movies.


Recently, Mark has started up an advocacy group called One Step, whose goal is to help skiers and ski resorts reduce their carbon footprint.[2]

Moreover, Abma helped Salomon to design their ski called the "Shogun".

Career achievements[edit]

Competition results:

  • 4th 2003 U.S Open Big Air [3]
  • 5th 2003 U.S Open Slopestyle


  • 2010: Powder Video Awards - Best Natural Air (In Deep, Matchstick Productions)[4]
  • 2009: Powder Video Awards - Best Powder (Claim, Matchstick Productions)[5]
  • 2007: Powder Video Awards - Best Male Performance (Push, Matchstick Productions)
  • 2005: Powder Video Awards - Best Male Performance (Yearbook, Matchstick Productions)


  • Into The Mind (2013) by Sherpas Cinema
  • Superheroes of Stoke (2012) by Matchstick Productions (MSP)
  • All.I.Can (2011) by Sherpas Cinema
  • Attack of la Niña (2011) by Matchstick Productions (MSP)
  • The Way I See It (2010) by MSP
  • In Deep: The Skiing Experience (2009) by MSP
  • Everyday Is Saturday (2009) by Poor Boyz Productions (PBP)
  • Claim (2008) by MSP
  • Reasons (2008) by PBP
  • Seven Sunny Days (2007) by MSP
  • Push (2006) by MSP
  • The Hit List (2005) by MSP
  • War (2005) by PBP
  • Session 51 (2005) by Warren Miller (WM)
  • Yearbook (2004) by MSP
  • Impact (2004) by WM
  • X = 10 (2004) by PBP
  • Ready, Fire, Aim (2003) by PBP
  • Focused (2003) by MSP
  • Abma appeared in over a dozen Salomon Freeski TV episodes.
  • Abma also appeared alongside Sean Pettit in the Red bull series "Keep your tips up"


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