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Dr Mark Allinson (born Epping, 1967[1]) is a member of the University of Bristol's Department of German. He studied French and German at the University of Salford, graduating in 1990 when he completed a teacher training course in modern languages at the then Manchester Polytechnic before beginning PhD work on the GDR at University College London under the supervision of Professor Mary Fulbrook. He has lectured in German at the University of Bristol since 1994, and has published a number of books including Politics and Popular Opinion in East Germany, 1945-68], which, according to WorldCat, is held in 248 libraries [2] and Germany and Austria 1814-2000, which according to WorldCat, is held in 171 libraries [2] A more recent publication, "Germany and Austria Since 1814", offers a clear 200 page English-language outline of German and Austrian history since 1814, apparently designed for non-historians.[3]

He offers a broad variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses concerned with the recent history of Germany, the collapse of Communism in Europe and contemporary European politics.[4][5]