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Mark or Marc Anthony or Antony may refer to:



  • Marcus Antonius (orator) (died 87 BC), celebrated orator, who was consul in 99 BC, and grandfather of the triumvir
  • Marcus Antonius Creticus (died c. 70 BC), father of the triumvir; as praetor in 74 BC he was defeated by the Cretans, earning the surname Creticus;
  • Mark Antony (83–30 BC), one of Caesar's generals, famous for his eulogy of Julius Caesar and his romance with Cleopatra, formed the "second triumvirate" with Octavian and Lepidus; and
  • Marcus Antonius Antyllus (47–30 BC), son of the triumvir, who nicknamed him Antyllus; he was put to death by Octavian after the battle of Actium

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