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Mark Astronaut
Mark astronaut.png
Mark Astronaut
Background information
Origin United KIngdom
Genres Post-punk
Years active 1977–present
Labels Bugle, All The Madmen, Acid Stings
Associated acts The Otters, Restricted Hours

Mark Astronaut is the pseudonym of Mark Wilkins, a Welwyn Garden City, England-based post-punk musician.


Astronaut has been involved with three main projects consisting of The Astronauts (formed in 1977), Restricted Hours and The Otters. His career spans over 30 years. He was involved in the music scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s, playing with Zounds, The Mob, and touring on Here and Now's Free Tours. The Astronauts have released material on a variety of labels including All The Madmen, Acid Stings, Irregular and Bugle.

Astronaut's lyrics frequently draw inspiration from the absurdities of life in Britain, giving his music a distinctly English feel.[citation needed] Rock'n'Reel magazine (March/April 2009) described Mark as 'The Post-Punk Dylan of Welwyn Garden City'.[citation needed]

The Otters were Astronaut's next project, and performed for approximately seven years. As of 2011 The Otters ceased to be a band and Mark now plays with the members of The Otters under the moniker "The Astronauts" again.[citation needed]


The Astronauts:

  • The Astronauts, EP, 1979 (Bugle)[1]
  • "The Night", 1979 (Really Weird compilation)
  • Pranksters In Revolt, EP, 1980 (Bugle)[2]
  • Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs, LP, 1981 (Bugle) [reissued on La Vida Es Un Mus, 2011][3]
  • Only Fools & Optimists, cassette album, 1982 (All The Madmen)
  • It's All Done By Mirrors, LP, 1983 (All The Madmen)
  • Soon, LP, 1986 (All The Madmen)
  • Seedy Side Of The Astronauts, LP, 1987 (All The Madmen)
  • In Defence Of Compassion, LP, 1989 (Acid Stings)
  • "Constitution"/"Please Don't Come Round Tonight", 7", 1990 (Acid Stings)
  • Upfront And Sideways, LP (Acid Stings) [awaiting release]
  • Peter Pan/All Done By Mirrors, CD, 1994 (Lazy Dog)
  • "Baby Sings Folksongs", 7", 1995 (Farce)
  • You're All Weird, CD, 2000 (Irregular)
  • The Donkey Riding EP, CD, 2010 (Cupboard Music / Trashville)
  • Lutra Lutra, CD, 2011 [self-released]
  • One Wave, CD, 2012 (Rowdy Farrago) [split album with The Destructors]
  • Survivors LP/MP3, 2015 (La Vida Es Un Mus) [compilation of early singles][4]

Restricted Hours:

  • Restricted Hours, EP, 1979 (Stevenage RAR)
  • Restricted Hours, (Live at Club 85 - 2004)

The Otters:

  • Situation Normal, 2004 [self-released]
  • To Mock A Killingbird, 2006 [self-released]
  • Kidnapped By Spacemen, 2006 [self-released]
  • Be Back Soon, 2007 (Cupboard Music)
  • Songs Beginning with the Letter H, 2008 [self-released]
  • Songs that don't Begin with the letter H, 2008 [self-released]
  • If The Strangers Come Around..., 2009 [self-released]
  • Melissa's Party, 2009 [self-released]


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