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Mark Christensen
Also known as Mark Christensen
Origin United States
Genres Hip hop, alternative rock, pop, R&B
Occupation(s) Musician, record producer, audio engineer, songwriter
Instruments Guitar, bass, vocals, etc.
Years active 1990s–present
Labels Engine Room Recordings
Associated acts Raekwon, Trey Songz, 50 Cent, The Ting Tings, Boyz II Men, Mr. Probz, Hank and Cupcakes, Soulja Boy, etc.
Website Profile at Engine Room Recordings

Mark Christensen is a studio owner and Chief Mastering Engineer at Engine Room Audio in New York City. Christensen is currently known for mastering, producing, or mixing music in the genres of rock, pop, R&B, classical, and hip hop.[1][2] Christensen has worked on hundreds of albums, and five have been nominated for Grammy Awards as of 2014, with two wins. Christensen has also mastered over thirty Billboard chart top ten hits, and around 25 of the releases have gone platinum or gold.[3] Through the studio he has mastered material by OK GO, The Killers, 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men, Tony Braxton, Talib Kweli, Trey Songz, 50 Cent, Ryan Leslie and The Ting Tings, among others.[4]


Early touring and production (1980s–1990s)[edit]

Mark B. Christensen was born in Germany, and raised in the United States[5] and England. By the age of sixteen he was touring with his own progressive rock material in the midwest.[6] He began producing music at age nineteen, also studying audio engineering and mastering techniques.[6] He spent three years[5] living in London in the early 1990s,[5] producing independent albums[5] and toured with bands such as The Waterboys and The Clash.[6]

After returning to New York City Christensen began working at Soundtrack City as a line producer,[6] and in 1995 he began playing with a number of New York bands.[5] While at Soundtrack City, he signed another record deal based on a self-produced demo, and ended up working on tours for bands such as Radiohead, The Wallflowers and The Gin Blossoms.[6] By the late 1990s he had played as a lead vocalist, guitarist, or songwriter for several bands in Colorado, London, and New York. Also in the 1990s he did session work as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter,[3] singing backup on several projects by Kevin Salem of Roadrunner Records and co-writing material with Ivan Neville.[3] Through Soundtrack City he also worked on the soundtracks for several commercials and films,[3] including music videos for artists such as The Rolling Stones, Cindy Lauper, Duran Duran, LL Cool J, and 3rd Bass.[3] In 1995 he took a partial hiatus from music. During this time he opened and operated a restaurant in Manhattan, returning to music once the restaurant was financially stable.

Founding Engine Room Audio (1996–2003)[edit]

In 1996[7] Christensen founded[5] Engine Room Audio (ERA) in lower Manhattan, originally constructing the studio in his loft apartment to master and record local bands.[5][8] He is studio owner and chief engineer,[4] and in 2000 he designed the cover for an album by Sin Dizzy. In 2001 he engineered several choral albums through Engine Room Audio, and the following year he remastered the bonus tracks for Linda Perhacs' Parallelograms. As of 2002 Engine Room Audio offered traditional mastering and dupliction services, as well as engineering, mastering, recording, and in some cases production.[9] Clients at the studio have since included Lady Gaga, The Killers, and The Ting Tings,[4] Kylie Minogue, A$AP Rocky,[7] and Toni Braxton, among others.[5] Other mastering projects at ERA include an album by Tony Jarvis, a number of classical albums for Museovitch Productions, and several projects for Respect Music, an alternative dance label in Hong Kong.[10]

Founding Engine Room Recordings (2004–08)[edit]

The independent record label Engine Room Recordings was started by Christensen and Peter Block in 2005. In 2006 the label released its first record, Twisted Heart by Goat, with Christensen mastering. The New York City-based band Porter Block soon joined the roster, with Christensen again mastering their debut album. Engine Room is also well known for producing the compilation series Guilt by Association. Guilt by Association Vol. 1 (2007), Guilt by Association Vol. 2 (2008) and Guilt by Association Vol. 3 (2011) feature various independent artists covering well-known pop, R&B and rock songs from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, with Christensen mastering. The label released a compilation of Weezer covers in 2012.[11]

In 2008 Engine Room Recordings signed Brooklyn-based bands Lowry and The Bloodsugars. Christensen helped produce Lowry's debut album, also mastering.[5] 2009 saw the label sign U.S. Royalty, among other bands. While Christensen worked on many of Engine Room's releases at that time, he also continued to master material for artists on other labels such as Babygrande. He has mastered a large number of singles and albums for Trey Songz on Atlantic Records since 2008, with Christensen explaining that "I master a lot of different styles of music, but his records are especially fun to work on" because of the production values.[5] Also in 2008 Christensen continued to play guitar as a session musician for labels such as Universal Australia.[5] In 2009 he mastered albums such as War Angel and Before I Self Destruct by 50 Cent.

Recent projects (2010–present)[edit]

In early 2012 Christensen mastered the first single off Trey Songz' album Chapter V, titled "Heart Attack," which was produced by Benny Blanco and Rico Love.[8] Around that time he mastered a track for Pauly D on G-Note Records as well,[8] and he worked with the Italian rap group Club Dogo in June 2012. Signed to Universal Music Group, the group's members DJ Don Joe and engineer Andrea "db" Debernardi flew to New York to mix and master an album with Christensen. Their resulting single "Cattivi Esempi" reached #2 on the Italian music charts.[8] Christensen's other mastering projects in 2012 included the alt-rock band Weep's album Alate and the Trey Songz album Chapter V, which reached #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.[12] Also that September, 50 Cent was in the studio with Christensen to master his single "New Day," which features Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys. The song was mixed by Eminem before mastering.[12]

In 2013 Mark starting working with the artist "Mr Probz", initially on his album "The Treatment" and the single "Waves" and new material including the single "Nothing Really Matters". On 27 April 2014, Waves debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart after selling 127,000 copies in its first week. As of October 2014, it was the fourth-biggest selling single of 2014 in the UK, with sales of 758,000. The song also peaked at number one in Australia (currently 3x platinum), Austria (currently gold), Germany (currently 5x platinum), Italy (currently 3x platinum), Sweden (currently 5x platinum) and Switzerland (currently 1x platinum). In the United States, the remix reached number one on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart for the issue dated 16 August 2014 and is currently 1x Platinum.

Engine Room Audio in 2014 continued to work on projects by both 50 Cent and Trey Songz, with Christensen mastering albums such as 50 Cent's Animal Ambition.[2] Other recent mastering projects include Collide by Boyz II Men and Game Changer by Johnny Gill. Christensen's associated projects had been nominated for five Grammy Awards as of 2015, winning two of them. At that point Christensen had also worked on over 24 Billboard chart top ten hits, and around 25 of the releases had gone platinum or gold.[3] Christensen is an official "mentor" at Recording Connection,[7] a New York-based school for music recording.[2] He also periodically chairs and moderates audio engineering panels at music industry events.[3]


Production credits[edit]

Selected production credits for Mark B. Christensen
Yr Artist(s) Release title Role
1996 Kevin Salem Glimmer Vocals (background)
2000 Voyces Best Day of My Life Mastering
Sin Dizzy He's Not Dead Photography, Cover Design
2001 Choir of the Church of St. Agnes Treasure of Inestimable Value Engineer
Various Artists A Treasure of Inestimable Value: Music From The Latin Mass At Saint Agnes, New York Engineer
2003 Linda Perhacs Parallelograms [Bonus Tracks] Remastering
Kenny Davidsen Goodnight, Baby Mastering
2004 Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City The Centennial CD Mastering
The Colorbars Making Playthings Mastering
The Kin Tracing Mastering
Urban Survival Story Hill Mastering
2005 Langhorne Slim When it Goes Down Mastering
Jamie Rae September Skies Mastering, engineering, bass guitar
Hotspur EP Mastering
Charlelie Couture 12 Chansons Dams La Sciure Mastering
Grace Garland Lovers Never Lie (In Bed) Mastering
2006 Swift Ships Rebel Renaissance Mastering
Goat Twisted Heart Mastering
Dufus The Last Classed Blast Mastering
David LK Murphy Goodbye Engineer
2007 Various Artists Guilt by Association Vol. 1 Mastering
The Doughboys Now and Then Mastering
Sullee It’s Time Mastering
Schwervon! I Dream of Teeth Mastering
R.I.C Visionary Mastering
Porter Block Suburban Sprawl 2007 Mastering
Andrew Fortier Restoration Mastering
Ben Godwin Skin and Bone Mastering, engineering
Buck Pryor Roo Mastering
Cheese on Bread Search for Colonel Mustard Mastering
Fireball Sounds Of Freedom (My Ultimate Summer Of Love Mix) Mastering, promotions
Hi-Tek Hi-Teknology 3 Underground Mastering
Icewater Polluted Water Mastering
Jake Stigers and the Velvet Roots Do You Feel High? Mastering
Jeffery Lewis 12 Crass Songs Mastering
Linda Draper Keepsake Mastering
MIKA "Relax (Take it Easy)" remix by Hex Hector Mastering
MIKA Life in Cartoon Motion Mastering
Just.Live Moxy Mastering
N.O.R.E. Noreality Mastering
N.O.R.E. N.O.R.E. Mastering
NYOIL Hood Treason Mastering
2008 Blue Sky Black Death Holocaust Instrumentals Mastering
Andrew Suvalsky A World That Swings Mastering
Lowry Love is Dead Mastering
Langhorne Slim Langhorne Slim Mastering
King Size Love, Lust and other Disasters Mastering
King Arthur Ride Wit’ Me Mastering
Kevin Bents The Means Mastering
Kaz James If They Knew Mastering
John Raymond Pollard Character Mastering
Jedi Mind Tricks History of Violence Mastering
2008 Immortal Technique and DJ Green Lantern The 3rd World Mastering
Hell Rell Black Mask Black Gloves Mastering
Hell Razah Ultra Sounds of a Renaissance Child Mastering
Gutta Heads Will Roll Mastering
Gregor Samsa Rest Mastering
Great Caesar’s Means to an Ends Mastering
Glenton Davis Soul Pop Rocks Mastering
Evelyn King The Dance Mastering
Diamond D Huge Hefner Chronicles Mastering
Deep Step Promise You Mastering
2008 DeClan Thank You/You and Me Mastering
D-Block Prepare for Glory Mastering
Dame Grease Goon Musik Mastering
Candice Alley "Falling (The Attic Vocal Mix)" Mastering
Bronze Narareth Thought For Food, Vol 1&2 Mastering
Brett Williams Rain Mastering
Blue Sky Black Death Slow Burning Lights Mastering
Blue Sky Black Death Late Night Cinema Mastering
Blue Sky Black Death The Evil Jeanius Mastering
Wu Tang Soundtracks from the Shaolin Temple Mastering
2008 Victor Chambers 12 Chambers of Worship Mastering
Various Artists Guilt by Association Vol. 2 Mastering
Urban Sun Practice Me Mastering
Tina Sugandh "Break Me" Mastering
T.H.U.G Angels/Hell Razah Welcome to Red Hook Houses Mastering
The Ting Tings We Started Nothing Mastering
The Museum Reverse this Dying Trend Mastering
The Murrills Family Prayer Mastering
The Killers Day & Age Mastering
The Bloodsugars BQEP Mastering
SIA Day Too Soon remixed by Soul Seekerz Mastering
Reg Mundey Got To Know U Mastering
Ras Kass Institutionalized, Vol. 2 Mastering
2008 Ransom Street Cinema Mastering
Rack-Lo Rack Lauren Mastering
Porter Block Off Our Shoulders Mastering
Pop it off Boys Do The Batman Mastering
OuterSpace God's Fury Mastering
Low Water Twisting the Neck of the Swan Mastering
John Pollard Dreams Mastering
Andrew Fortier The Upsidedown Sky Mastering
Amazon Dart Freakatorium Mastering
9th Prince "Prince of New York" Mastering
2009 Kyle Jones Alive Mastering
Chrissi Poland Songs From the Concrete Mastering
Joshua Panda What We Have Sewn Mastering
Lloyd Banks Stuntin’ Mastering
Maria Neskovski End of the Day Mastering
Pope Flyn One Race Mastering
Michael Doane The Soul Kitchen Mastering
US Royalty Midsommar Mastering
Mandy Joy Miller Here Mastering
520 Music Group A DJ’s Dream vol. 1 music to Mastering
2009 Emily Mure Where I Began Mastering
Gurlhood Zipper Mastering
Boss aka Hood Scholar The Official Street EP Mastering
Lee Moran All Things Have an Ending Mastering
Trey Songz "I Invented Sex (Remix)" ft. Usher and Keri Hilson Mastering
Jim Jones "Wishing On a Sucker MC" ft. Rev Run Mastering
50 Cent War Angel (mix tape) Mastering
Toni Braxton "Yesterday (remix)" ft. Trey Songz Mastering
Beanie Sigel "I Go Off" ft. 50 Cent Mastering
Stat Quo "Ghetto USA" Mastering
2009 50 Cent Before I Self Destruct Mastering
Canibus Rip The Jacker (Instrumentals) Mastering
Trey Songz Anticipation Mastering
Trey Songz Ready Mastering
Tina Sugandh You Without Me Mastering
The Ting Tings "Great DJ" remixed by Soul Seekerz Mastering
The Bloodsugars I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On Mastering
Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. II Mastering
Porter Block Pueblo A Go Go Mastering
Porter Block The Gowanus Yacht Club Mastering
2009 Keri Hilson In a Perfect World… Mastering
Kat Danson "Sugarfree" remix Mastering
JR Writer Cinecrack Mastering
John Raymond Pollard Dreams Mastering
John Carlin Welcome to the Kids Music Underground Mastering
Israel Darling Dinosaur Bones and Mechanical Mastering
Grand Puma Retroactive Mastering
Elizabeth the Band Elizabeth The Band Mastering
Depeche Mode "Wrong" (Club Promo) Mastering
Canibus Rip the Jacker Mastering
And Then There Was Christmas What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger Mastering
Anna Tsuchiya Wasabi Mastering
2010 April Smith Songs for a Sinking Ship Mastering
Driis High Class Problem Vol. 1 Mastering
OK Go White Knuckles Remixes Mastering
Luke Wesley Because We Never Talk About It Mastering
Capone-N-Noreaga War Report 2: Before the War Mastering
Vinnie Paz Season of the Assassin Mastering
Wakey! Wakey! Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You Mastering
Trey Songz Passion, Pain & Pleasure Mastering
2011 Trey Songz #LEMMEHOLDATBEAT2 Mastering
Trey Songz Anticipation II Mastering
Good & Angry The Age of Tormented Stone EP Mastering
Immortal Technique Martyr Mastering
Slim the Mobster War Stories Mastering
Governor "Crazy Life" Mastering, mixing
Lea Sunshine "November Skies (11-11-11)" Mastering
Stereo Crowd Stereo Crowd EP Mastering
The Debutante Hour Follow Me Mastering
Genasis Jackie Chan Mastering
2011 Kidd Kidd Reallionaire Mastering
Ras Beats feat. Masta Ace + Sadat X "Let It Be + Survive" Mastering
Trav feat. Sean Kingston "Up and Down" Mastering, mixing
Fred the Godson feat. Diddy "Daddy Gettin' Money" Mastering
Tony Yayo feat. Waka Flocka Flame "White Sheets" Tracking
Matt + Kim, Soulja Boy, + Andrew W.K. I’m a Goner Tracking
Hot Rod "Hot Girl" Mastering
Hot Rod "Dance With Me" Mastering
Ryan Leslie "Glory" Mastering
Various Artists GBA3 Mastering, tracking, mixing
2011 Jasmine V S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D) Mastering, mixing
Sean Garnett "In Da Box" Mastering, mixing
Vado "Always On" Mastering, mixing
The Cool Kids When Fish Ride Bicycles Mastering
Raekwon Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang Mastering, mixing
Angelo Moore (of Fishbone) The Angelo Show Mastering
Lloyd Banks The Cold Corner 2 Mastering, mixing
Lloyd Banks "They Love Me in the Hood" Mastering
Lloyd Banks "Check Me Out" Mastering
Lloyd Banks Hunger for More 2 Mastering
2011 Ness "Hat Trick" Mastering
Ness "Sonic Boom" Mastering
Ness feat. XV "They Don’t Really Care About Us" Mastering
Trey Songz Inevitable EP Mastering
50 Cent The Big 10 Mastering
Jackie Chain "Parked Outside" feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B Mastering
Soulja Boy "Ocean Mobb" feat. Waka Flocka Flame Tracking
The Color Bars Prosopopoeia Mastering
2012 Kofi Black Love Sick Mastering
Torion Sellers The Initiation Mastering
Torion Sellers Scream Tour Mixtape Mastering, tracking
360 "What Goes Up" Mastering, tracking
The Peter Ulrich Collaboration The Painted Caravan Mastering
Uncle Murda "Money Work" Feat. French Montana Mastering
Michelle Sangali Wild Mastering
Jasmine V "Just a Friend" Mastering
Hank and Cupcakes Ain't No Love Mastering
The Gregory Brothers 4 Presidential Debates Songified Mastering
Trey Songz Chapter V Mastering
Lloyd Banks V6 Mastering
50 Cent 5 Mastering
2013 The Perfect Wave (film) The Lords Prayer Mastering
Trippz Michaud The Adventures of Trippz Vol. 2 Mastering
Gue Pequeno Black Roses Mastering
SBOE All We Got Is Us Mastering
Prodigy & Alchemist Albert Einstein Mastering
Juelz Santana Nothin' to Me Mastering
98 Degrees 2.0 Mastering
50 Cent & Too $hort First Date Mastering
50 Cent "We Up" Feat. Kendrick Lamar Mastering
Fedez Miracle Mastering
2013 Jasmine V Breathe Your Love Mastering
Gué Pequeno Bravo Ragazzo Mastering
Ron Isley This Song is For You Mastering
Angel Haze "No Bueno" Mastering
Po Johnson Best Lie Mastering
Po Johnson Femme Fatal Mastering
Po Johnson Levitate Mastering
Trey Songz Sensational Mastering
Joey Bada$$ My Yout Mastering
Mr. Probz The Treatment Mastering
2013 Alex Young Crash This Party Mastering
Loose Screws No Tomorrow Mastering
Jake La Furia Musica Commerciale Mastering
Jake La Furia Inno Nazionale Mastering
Sammie Dancer Mastering
Sammie Passionately Mastering
Sammie Mr. Bartender Mastering
DJ Cassidy "Calling All Hearts" Mastering
2014 Talib Kweli Gravitas Mastering
Letoya Luckett "Don’t Make Me Wait" Mastering
50 Cent The Big 10 (Mixtape) Mastering
50 Cent The Lost Tape (Mixtape) Mastering
50 Cent 5 (Murder by Numbers) Mastering
Mobb Deep The Infamous Mobb Deep Mastering
Naturi Sweet Thang Mastering
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Maxim "Run Da World" Mastering
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Maxim "World Wide Sound" Mastering
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Mr. Probz "Waves" Remix Mastering
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Mr. Probz Now or Never Mastering
Mr. Probz "Nothing Really Matters" Mastering
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2015 Joey Bada$$ B4.Da.$$ Mastering
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Trey Songz Trigga Reloaded Mastering
Trey Songz Intermission 1 & 2 Mastering
50 Cent Get Low Mastering
Mr. Probz Nothing Really Matters Afrojack Remix" Mastering
Esther Dean I know A Secret EP Mastering
Soundtrack Album Brotherly Love Mastering
Case Heaven's Door Mastering
The Rooks Wires" Mastering, mixing, production
Blue Woods City Life Mastering, mixing, production
Ryan Leslie MZRT- Lifetime Album Mastering
Talib Kweli F*ck The Money Mastering
50 Cent 9 Shots Mastering
2016 50 Cent No Romeo Mastering
1966 ERR Compilation Mastering
the MIND Mastering
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Haze Tired Mastering
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Hank and Cupcakes Mastering
Bradley Gentz Affect Me Mastering
Ricki Woodland Lonely Mastering
Mr.Probz Fine Ass Mess Mastering
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Audra The Rapper Think Bout Me Mastering
Don Benjamin Touch My Body Mastering
Edward Jackson Never Let Tears Show Mastering
88 Keys All We Need, All About You Mastering
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Loose Screws EP Mastering
Talib Kweli Album Mastering
Carl Thomas Happy Hour Mastering
Mr.Probz Tell You I Love You Mastering
Rob Bailey EP Mastering
Fedez & J.Ax Assenzio Mastering
Mercury and The Architects Album Mastering
Abby LakeW Album Mastering
Trey Songz Coming Home (Christmas) Mastering
Patrick CarMicheal Album Mastering
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