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Mark Benecke
Mark Benecke as a member of the German punk Band Die Blonden Burschen in 1993

Mark Benecke (born August 26, 1970[citation needed]) is a German forensic biologist.

Benecke was born in Rosenheim (Bavaria). After receiving a Dr. rer. medic. at Cologne University in 1997,[1] he worked in the Chief Medical Examiner's Office in Manhattan, New York from 1997–1999. As of 1999, he works internationally on forensic cases as a freelance expert witness. He also teaches at various police academies and acts as a visiting professor to universities in Germany, England, Vietnam, Colombia, and the Philippines.

Benecke has worked on the identification of Adolf and Eva Hitler's skull and teeth in Moscow,[2][3] and is the only forensic scientist to work on the case of Colombian serial killer and rapist Luis Garavito.[4] Some of his forensic cases have been covered by the National Geographic Channel and the History Channel.

Benecke has published several popular science books about the biology of aging, criminal cases and forensic biology. He is a member of the editorial board of the Annals of Improbable Research (Cambridge, USA), guest editor for Forensic Science International (Forensic Entomology Special Issue).[5]and scientific advisor to the German skeptic organization GWUP,[6] where he publishes skeptical articles on various topics, including his attempt to explain alleged signs of vampirism.[7]

Using the pseudonym "Belcanto Bene", Benecke was a member of the German punk band Die Blonden Burschen between 1989–2000.[8]

In 2004, he was the guest editor of Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology for the Forensic Entomology Special Issue).[9]

In 2010, he was candidate for the office of prime minister for Germany's largest state North Rhine-Westphalia for the satirical political party Die PARTEI.[10][11] Since 2010, he is Chairman of Die PARTEI in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.[12]

In 2011 Mark featured as a vocalist on Sara Noxx's cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' song Where the Wild Roses Grow.[13]


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