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For other people named Mark Blake, see Mark Blake (disambiguation).

Mark Blake is a music journalist and author. His work has been published since 1989 in newspapers such as The Times, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express, and the music magazines Q, Mojo, Classic Rock and Prog.

He is the author of the 2007 music biography, Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd,[1] published by Aurum Press (available under the title Comfortably Numb: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd in the United States); "Stone Me: The Wit & Wisdom Of Keith Richards",[2] (Aurum Press, 2008); "Is This The Real Life: The Untold Story of Queen" (Aurum Press, 2010).

His most recent book, "Pretend You're In A War: The Who And The Sixties" was published by Aurum Press in September 2014.

Blake is a former Assistant Editor of Q', and previously edited the books Dylan: Visions, Portraits and Back Pages and Punk: The Whole Story" (Dorling Kindersley, 2004 & 2005). He has also contributed to official projects for Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen and the Jimi Hendrix estate. He is represented by Matthew Hamilton at Aitken Alexander Associates.



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  • Blake, Mark (2010). Is this the real life : the untold story of Queen. London: Aurum. 
  • Blake, Mark (2014). Pretend you're in a war : the Who & The Sixties. London: Aurum. 


  • Blake, Mark (Dec 2014). "The birth & death of Pink Floyd : in the beginning". Mojo. 253 (6): 66–73. 

Album reviews[edit]

Album title Artist Reviewed in
The endless river Pink Floyd Blake, Mark (Dec 2014). "[Untitled review]". Mojo. 253 (6): 88. 

Book reviews[edit]

Date Review article Work(s) reviewed
2014 Blake, Mark (Dec 2014). "Bryte young thing". Books. Mojo. 253 (6): 118–119.  Drake, Nick (2014). Nick Drake : remembered for a while. Edited by Gabrielle Drake. John Murray. 


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