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Mark Yakovlevich Blokh (Russian: Марк Яковлевич Блох; born August 16, 1924, Kiev) is a Soviet and Russian linguist, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Head of the English Language Grammar Department of the Moscow Pedagogical State University, Head of the Foreign Languages Department of the Moscow Humanitarian and Technical Academy, Honorary Professor of MPGU, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogical Education, member of the Writers' Union of Russia, member of the Russian Union of Journalists, and the Russian Writers’ Club of New York. He is author of a number of literary works under the literary pseudonym of Mark Lensky.

Blokh’s main fields of research include English language theory, general, typological and German linguistics, translation theory, and linguodidactics. He has written over 200 scientific works, including the monographs "Theoretical English Grammar"[1] and "The Theoretical Bases of Grammar".[2] Bloсh has also founded a scientific school of communicative-paradigmatic linguistics. [3] M. Blokh introduced the concept of "dictema" into grammar as an elementary situational-thematic unit of the text.


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