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Mark Burrell (1957) is a British Artist, born and resident in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK. He spent a year during his childhood in Libya. Returning to Lowestoft he studied art at Lowestoft College but considers himself self-taught.

Portrait of the artist Mark Burrell 2014

Burrell has won numerous prizes for his art including winning the Lucy Morrison Memorial Prize. His work has also featured in books and in magazines, including illustrations for 'The Iron Bridge' by John Ward. He is also conjointly with Peter Rodulfo a leading member of the North Sea Magical Realists.

Critical appraisal[edit]

In a career now spanning several decades, Burrell has exhibited his paintings throughout East Anglia, London, and the US, receiving much critical acclaim, including the following -

Burrell's work is obsessive and probing, revealing underlying elements that question ones sense of self. A psychotic surrealism that is a refreshing assault on ritualised aesthetics [1]
The paintings by Mark Burrell convey rare command of a very peculiar and very English painter, for Mark is essentially a story teller who employs pigment rather than words to construct allegories, fables and fictions. His fantastic narratives are as much concerned with plot, setting and character as they are with line space and colour.[2]
…(His) paintings are colourful and often very personal, and at times very mysterious indeed, these paintings can be looked at again and again, there are touches of humour as well as the darker side of life, from strange green beings growing out of bushes, communing with ghosts, to sheep in fields flying.[3]
Mark paints symbolist figurative oils with psychic, religious or political themes, often dealing with intense states of mind or emotion, a highly patterned world in beautiful states of decay. [4]
His work has a visionary quality to it, which embraces deep rich colours of mysterious blues through to purples. The pictures come to life through delicate lighting whether it is a full moon, sunset, or from some magical source.

Media appearances[edit]

Burrell has frequently appeared on British TV including-

* Anglia Television Programme – Coastal Inspiration's Interviewed in Studio and Work Exhibited Series Lowestoft
* BBC2 TV Programme Matter of Fact Cabbage Patch War (Nov 1996)
* Anglia Television – The Front Row Paintings Exhibited (Nov 1995) Presented by Shaun Meo
*Anglia Television Programme Moving Art Awarded First Prize. Presenter George Melly, interviewed by Sister Wendy Beckett and prize awarded by Bill Oddie (November 1991).
* Anglia Television Programme – Personal Interview and Paintings Exhibited (August 1991)
* Mustard TV 2016 – Artwork shown in documentary 'Bendy Caravans and Everlasting Pens ‘ A Portrait of Evered Wigg’ written and produced by Nick Murray-Brown



The Tripp Gallery London - The North Sea Magical Realists
Buckingham Gallery Southwold
Waveney and Blyth Arts – Within Our Midst – Art trail and visit to Marks studio
Open Studios – Artist Studio open to public June
Resident Artist – Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield


Buckingham Gallery Southwold, Artwork on show
Mustard TV - Artwork shown in documentary 'Bendy Caravans and Everlasting pens ‘A Portrait of Evered Wigg’ throughout the year
Open Studios – Artist Studio open to public June
Resident Artist – Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield


Craft Co, Southwold, Suffolk Two Man Show


Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield - One-Man Show December
Suffolk Open Studios June
Ferini Art Gallery Pakefield – Artist in situ and also showing as part of the SOS East Anglian Art Trail
The Coconut Loft Cafe and Art Gallery – Lowestoft Suffolk
Great Yarmouth Library – Two Man Show with Peter Rodulfo


Assembly House Art Show: Arts Alive Norwich, Norfolk


West Halls Secret Postcard Auction: Patron, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge
Other exhibitors included the Prime Minister David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Twiggy, Maggi Hambling, Bernard Hill, and Tessa Newcomb.


Assembly House Art Show: Flying Colours Fascinating Forms
Norwich Castle Museum – Open Art Show
Norwich Playhouse Two man Show- Peter Rodulfo and Mark Burrell
Ferini Art Gallery: Summer Show


Ferini Art Gallery: Christmas Show & Eastern Open Kings Lynn


Norwich Castle Museum Open Art Show. A Portrait of Big Jon and the Bubblegum God’s
Christmas Open Studios, Lowestoft, Suffolk
The Cut Halesworth – Original Drawings and Paintings for the Poem The Iron Bridge, by John Ward.
Ferini Art Gallery – Three-man show
The Cut Halesworth – Christmas Art Show, a Prize Winner of ‘The People’s Choice‘


The Cut Halesworth – ‘Christmas Art Show’ Prize Winner of ’The People’s Choice’


Exhibited at ‘The House of Commons
Anglia Television – Part of the series ‘Coastal Inspirations’ Filmed in Lowest Suffolk, Interviewed on Television and Work Exhibited


Ferini Art Gallery – Original Drawings and Paintings for the Book The Iron Bridge by John Ward
The Warehouse – Lowestoft, Suffolk – Summer Show
The Forum, Norwich Norwich Market
The Open Studios, Lowestoft, Suffolk
The Eastern Open - Kings Lynn


Open Studios, Lowestoft, Suffolk
‘The Iron Bridge’ Book – ‘Drawings and Paintings’ by Mark Burrell, Written by John Ward


Interart Gallery New York, America
Williamsburg Art and Historical Centre, New York, America
Cork Street Gallery,London
Galleriart – Kirkcudbright, Scotland


Galerie de Vis Noorderhaven, Holland
Gissing Hall, Gissing ‘Portrait Works’
The Open Studios, Lowestoft, Suffolk
Blackthorpe Barn, Roughman
The New Wosley Theatre, Ipswich
The John Russell Gallery, Ipswich


The Eastern Open – Kings Lynn
Open Studios, Lowestoft, Suffolk
Halesworth Gallery
Yoxford Gallery, Yoxford
Electric House Gallery, Ipswich
Buckingham Galleries, Southwold – Summer & Christmas Show
The Affordable Art Fair, London
Galerie de Vis Noorderhaven, Holland
The Discerning Eye – The Mall Galleries, London
Geneva Gallery – Lowestoft, Suffolk


Chappell Gallery, Essex – One Man Exhibition (extended)
The Eastern Open, Kings Lynn – Painting Highly Commended
Open Studios, Lowestoft, Suffolk
British Artists – The Jarvis Centre, New York Art Expo 99, New York City, America
Work exhibited in Holland
Lowestoft Town Hall, the Council Chambers, Lowestoft Suffolk
Suffolk Open Studios, Lowestoft, Suffolk
The Red Dot Gallery, Ipswich, Suffolk
Artists Gallery, Electric House, Ipswich


Chappell Gallery, Essex – One Man Show Art exhibition,
Lowestoft Library, Lowestoft, Suffolk
The Yoxford Gallery, Yoxford
Cottons Yard Gallery, Yoxford
Halesworth Gallery, Steeple End
Old Stable Gallery, Diss
Raphael Gallery Open Studios – Raphael Gallery


The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester
The Laing National Arts Competition, Raveningham
The Eastern Open, Kings Lynn Arts Centre
St Margaret’s Gallery, Norwich. Works of the Imagination
Chappell Galleries – Christmas show, Essex


The Eastern Open, Kings Lynn
The Arts Centre, Lowestoft – (Various Dimensions)
The Advice Arcade Gallery, Summer Exhibition, Norwich, Norfolk
The Gallery, St George’s Street, Norwich
Art’s Forum, Regent Road Art Gallery, Lowestoft, Suffolk
Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft – Works with Children on Mural
Halesworth Gallery


Le Chat Noir Gallery, Mayfair London
LOGOS Art Gallery, Bloomsbury, London
The Mall Galleries (Discerning Eye) London
Julian Spalding – Art Gallery & Museum Director Glasgow,
Oriel High School, Gorleston, Norfolk
Art’s Forum, Regent Road Art Gallery, Lowestoft, Suffolk
Norwich Castle Museum – Norwich, Norfolk


The Eastern Open, Kings Lynn – Painting Highly Commended
Regent Road Arts Centre, Lowestoft, Suffolk – One Man Show
The Corpusty Gallery, Corpusty, Norfolk Three-Man Show
The Fruit Market Gallery – 7th National Award, Edinburgh & Sotheby’s, New Bond Street, London- The Spectator


Contact Gallery, Three-Man Show (The Human Condition)
Regent Road Art Gallery – Summer Exhibition, Arts Forum
The Chappell Gallery, Essex, Summer Show
Gallery 12 B Fredrikstad, Norway – Mixed Exhibition
The Boundary Gallery, Cransford, Suffolk
The Gallery, 44 Aldeburgh, One Man show


The Mall Gallery, London- Wilde Contemporary Art
The Splinter Gallery, London- Painters today
The Boundary Gallery Summer Exhibition, Cransford Suffolk
The Gallery 74, South Audley St, London -Wilde Contemporary Art
The Cork Brick Gallery Summer Exhibition, Bungay
The Boundary Gallery Autumn Show, Cransford Suffolk
The Regent Road Art Gallery – Summer Exhibition, Lowestoft, Suffolk
The Chappell Gallery, Essex – Two-Man Show
The Cork Brick Gallery Christmas Exhibition, Bungay
The Chappell Gallery Christmas Exhibition, Essex


The Eastern Open, Kings Lynn
The Boundary Gallery Easter Exhibition, Cransford, Suffolk
The Picture Place, Lowestoft, Suffolk
Open Studio’s, Eastern Arts
The Chappell Gallery, Essex
Royal Over-Seas League London – A View Of the New Exhibition. Awarded the ‘Lucy Morison Memorial Prize’ for an oil Painting
Norwich Artists Group, Annual Exhibition
Kings Lynn Art Centre
Norfolk and Norwich Festival – Open Studios
The Boundary Gallery Summer Exhibition & Xmas Show, Cransford Suffolk
The Splinter Gallery London – First Showing


The Regent Road Art Gallery, Lowestoft, Suffolk
The Chappell Gallery, Essex, One Man Show
Centre D’Art Contemporain, Rouen, France
The Knapp Gallery, London
The Halesworth Gallery, Halesworth, Suffolk – Three-Man Show
The Norwich School of Art, Norwich, Norfolk – Norwich Artists
The Boundary Galleries Summer Exhibition, Cransford, Suffolk
The School House gallery, Wighton, Wells-Next-to-Sea, Norfolk


The Fermoy Gallery, Kings Lynn – Eastern Open and Tour
The Contact Gallery, Norwich, Norfolk – An Intensity of Vision, Four-Man Show
The Castle Museum, Norwich, Norfolk – Norwich Artists
The Chappell Gallery, Essex – Summer Mixed Exhibition
The Advice Arcade Gallery, Norwich, Norfolk
Norwich Twenty Group Exhibition, Norwich, Norfolk
Norwich Union Headquarters, Art Auction Centre – In Aid of Third World


The Mall Gallery, London. Britain’s Painter’s ’88
Central Library, Great Yarmouth – Four-Man Show
Christie’s East Anglia, Cley Mill Appeal
Assembly Rooms, Norwich, Norfolk


The Royal Academy, London – Summer Exhibition


Mark Burrell Art - Home Page

'Masks and Layers' a portrait of Mark Burrell by Ferini Films

Mark Burrells 'The Homing-ground' - All aboard the British transcendent locomotion.

Mark Burrell: North Sea Magical Realist artist extraordinaire

Nick Murray Brown Talking about The Iron Bridge and various news reels [1]


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