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Mark Chasan is a lawyer, merchant banker and entrepreneur.[1] In 1995, Chasan founded Emusic, and as Chairman and CEO of Emusic[2] created the world’s first online digital music distribution and retailing company and a leading online music and entertainment superstore.[3] In February 1999, Emusic merged with Goodnoise/, Inc. and went public (NASDAQ: EMUS).[4] Also, in 1995, Chasan formed Webcentral, one of the first web development, hosting and co-location facilities in the US and hosted such customers as Caltrans, ReMax and AudioNet/ Webcentral was acquired by Interworld Communications in 1997.

Chasan is currently the Chairman and CEO of AWE Global, Inc., a company developing sustainable communities as well as integrated conscious & healthy workspaces. AWE Enterprises, a division of AWE Global, Inc., provides education, workshops and consulting for Whole & Healthy People & Organizations. Also, Chasan is the CEO of Transformative, Inc., a firm focused on financing socially responsible, sustainable and clean-tech businesses. Chasan has been instrumental in creating new financial models for a process driven approach to liquidity and value creation utilizing a private-to-public strategy.[5]


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