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Mark Cheng
Born (1964-10-06) 6 October 1964 (age 55) [1]
Years active1983-present
Spouse(s)Yukari Oshima (1991-1995) [2]
Ailyn Pow (2002-present)
ChildrenJada Cheng
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese鄭浩南
Simplified Chinese郑浩南

Mark Cheng Ho-nam (born 6 October 1964) is a Hong Kong actor. He is known for his role as "Lam Wing" in the 1996 film Tai Chi Boxer and FuXi in My Date with a Vampire III. He is shown naked in the 1993 Hong Kong film Raped by an Angel, as he walks around a room, with his genitals briefly shown on screen.[3]

Film career[edit]

Cheng started his career in 1983. Cinema City attempted to make Cheng a leading man in the mid-1980s. These lead roles never made him a star. By the 1990s, he was often cast in Category III films and low budget girls with guns films.

Cheng also practised martial arts and performed stunts in some of the films he acted in.[4]

Cheng made his Hollywood debut in the 2007 film War which stars Jet Li.[5]

Personal life[edit]

In the 1980s, Cheng dated Hong Kong actress Ann Bridgewater. In 1991, Cheng was married to Japanese actress Yukari Oshima but they divorced four years later.

Cheng had since settled down in Malaysia since 1999 with his Malaysian wife Ailyn Pow whom he met during a shoot, they have a daughter named Jada.[6]



Year Title Role
1983 Manchester Dead Warrant
City on Fire Wei-Ming
1984 Mr. Virgin
1985 Cupid One Keung aka King Kong
The Isle of Fantasy David
The Thirty Million Rush Mark
City Hero
1986 Pan ni wo di
Peking Opera Blues Ling Pak-Hoi
1987 Evil Cat Long
Heartbeat 100 Weeny Eyes
Goodbye Darling Joe Young
1988 Dragnet Kwong
Iron Butterfly, Part 2: See No Daylight Mark
Gift from Heaven Mark
1990 Doctor's Heart Wong Man-Tsun
A Killer's Blues Kit
Return to Action
Midnight Angel Tak
Forsaken Cop
Hong Kong Gigolo
Story of Kennedy Town
1992 Kickboxer's Tears Nan
Devil Girl 18
The Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues
Big Circle Blues Wei
Gambling Ghost Are Ready
1/3 Lover Doctor
1993 Raped by an Angel Chuck Chi-sing
The Buddhist Spell Feng Yun-Tin
1994 Dream Killer Chan
The Modern Love Cheung Kit
A Taste of Killing and Romance Wong Cheong
The Deadly Island Ray Tang
Best of Best Shit-Fay
Guns of Dragon Prince
Underground Judgement
The Chinese Ghostbuster
1995 Bomb Lover Tommy Tang
Lethal Girls 2
1996 The Imp Mark
Tai Chi Boxer Lam Wing
1997 The Peeping Tom Roy Chen Chih-Lai
1998 The Longest Nite Mark
A Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 Ma San Yee
A True Mob Story Prince
Love in the River
Young and Dangerous 5 Szeto Ho-Nam
Love Generation Hong Kong Peace
1999 Trust Me U Die Dr. Mark Chow
A Man Called Hero
2000 Prostitute Killer
Killer Mantis
Guilty or Not Donald
Undercover Blues
For Bad Boys Only Taro Sakamoto
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File Kill
2005 Samuel's Last Chance
2006 Election 2 Bo
2007 War Wu Ti
Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic Officer Rockman Cheung
Invisible Target Senior Superintendent Mark Law Pui Keung
2008 Legendary Assassin Commissioner Yu
2011 A Land Without Boundaries
2012 Starts Good Ends Good
High Kickers
The Sword of Love
2013 4B Qing Nian Zhi 4 Lou B Zuo
2014 Who Moved My Dream
2015 Two Thumbs Up Lam Tung
2016 Guigu Successor
2019 Double World

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role
2001 The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung
2004 My Date with a Vampire III Human King Fuxi
2005 Magic Sword of Heaven and Earth Shunge

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