Mark Daly (actor)

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Mark Daly
Mark Daly.jpg
Mark Daly
Born 23 August 1887
Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom
Died 27 September 1957 (age 70)
London, England
United Kingdom
Other names Thomas Mark Daly
Occupation Film actor
Stage actor
Years active 1931–1958 (film)

Mark Daly (23 August 1887 – 27 September 1957) was a British film actor.[1]

Daly was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 23 August 1887, making his first stage appearance in Swansea, Wales in 1906. Six years later, in 1912, he made his first London stage appearance at the Shaftesbury Theatre. For three years he was the principal comedian at The Fred Karno Company, a collection of comedians who worked in both British variety and American Vaudeville.[2] Other "Karno Comedians" included Charlie Chaplin and Billie Ritchie.[3] During his time as an actor Daly took part in excess of 25 motion pictures before his death on 27 September 1957 in England.



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