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Mark Derr is an American dog scholar,[1] author and journalist noted for his books on dogs, as well as the social and environmental developments of Florida. His articles have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Natural History, Smithsonian, and The New York Times.[2] Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Derr was educated at Johns Hopkins. He currently lives with his wife Gina in Miami Beach.


His books include:

  • Over Florida New York: Mallard Press, 1992. (Mark Derr and Cameron Davidson) [3]
  • The frontiersman: the real life and the many legends of Davy Crockett, New York: W. Morrow, 1993[4]
  • A dog's history of America: how our best friend explored, conquered, and settled a continent. New York: North Point Press, 2004.[5]
  • Dog's best friend: annals of the dog-human relationship. New York: H. Holt and Co., 1997.[6]
  • Some kind of paradise: a chronicle of man and the land in Florida New York: W. Morrow, 1989.[7]
  • How the dog became the dog: From wolves to our best friends Overlook Duckworth United States and United Kingdom, 2011.[8]


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