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Mark E. Rogers (April 19, 1952 – February 2, 2014), was an American author-illustrator.


Rogers, while a student at Pt. Pleasant Beach High School, wrote a short novel, The Runestone, which has since been adapted into Willard Carroll's 1990 film starring Peter Riegert and Joan Severance, although it remains unpublished.... except as a numbered, signed limited edition chapbook published by Burning Bush Press in 1979. At the University of Delaware he continued his interest in writing, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1974. He was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa.

He since became a professional writer. His published works include the Samurai Cat series; a number of novels, The Dead, Zorachus, and the latter's sequel, The Nightmare of God; a series of books known as Blood of the Lamb; and another series called Zancharthus. He has also published three art portfolios and a collection of his pin-up paintings, Nothing But A Smile.


Rogers often had heart problems, he died from apparent heart failure while hiking with his family in California's Death Valley.[1][2]


Samurai Cat[edit]

  • (1980) The Bridge of Catzad-Dum - chapbook, published by The Burning Bush Press, ltd. ed. of 500
  • (1984) The Adventures of Samurai Cat
  • (1986) More Adventures of Samurai Cat
  • (1989) Samurai Cat in the Real World
  • (1991) The Sword of Samurai Cat
  • (1994) Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies
  • (1998) Samurai Cat Goes to Hell


  • (1986) Zorachus
  • (1988) The Nightmare of God

Blood of the Lamb[edit]

  • (1991) The Expected One
  • (1991) The Devouring Void
  • (1992) The Riddled Man


  • (1998) Blood and Pearls
  • (2000) Jagutai and Lilitu
  • (2002) Night of the Long Knives


  • (1989) The Dead
  • (2010) Lilitu
  • (2010) Yark


  • (2003) Nothing But a Smile: The Pinup Art of Mark Rogers
  • (2005) The Art of Fantasy


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