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Mark Ebner
Born 1959
Providence, RI
Nationality American
Occupation Blogger, investigative journalist

Mark Charles Ebner (born 1959) is an American blogger and investigative[citation needed] journalist and the host of TruTV's Rich and Reckless.[citation needed] Ebner writes primarily about issues in the Los Angeles area, including pit bull fighting in South Central, Scientology, and celebrity scandal.[1][2] He has covered celebrity culture for Spy, Rolling Stone, Details, and[3] He has been featured as a guest or contributor on VH1, The Daily Show, South Park, CourtTV, and Fox News.


Ebner graduated from Bard College in 1982, where he edited the Bard Times.[4]

In 2002 he co-authored Ain't It Cool?: Hollywood's Redheaded Stepchild Speaks Out with Harry Knowles. With Andrew Breitbart, he wrote the New York Times and Los Angeles Times 2005 best-seller Hollywood, Interrupted.[3] In early 2006, Ebner joined Tucker Max's Rudius Media as a blogger and celebrity journalist.

Ebner was a consultant on South Park's controversial Trapped in the Closet episode that was eventually nominated for an Emmy Award.[5][6]

In mid-2007, Ebner broke the news that actor and activist Sean Penn was frequenting a Hawaiian resort in the center of a controversial debate between natives and visitors over an ancestral burial ground.[7][8]

Ebner also broke an investigative story in 2007 implicating Bill Cosby on allegations of sexual assaults and rapes, a story that People Magazine originally planned to publish, but buried.[9][10]

Shortly after the on-campus shooting at Virginia Tech, Ebner reported that Scientology leaders had dispatched "grief counselors" to the scene. According to Ebner and a supposedly sourced document, their intent was to investigate the psychiatric history of killer Seung-Hui Cho.[11][12] This story was later picked up by Boing Boing and made the front page of[13][14]

As of Summer 2008, Ebner was hosting Rich and Reckless, an original true crime series produced by and broadcast on TruTV.[15]


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