Mark Fauser

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Mark Fauser
Occupation Actor, director, writer, producer
Years active Television and movies: 1992–present; theatre:?–present

Mark Fauser is an American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer who currently operates his own independent film movie studio, Overlook Productions.

He has written several teleplays, plays, and movies, and has done major studio rewrites for companies such as Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures and CBS Television. In 2002 his movie It's All About You (starring John D'Aquino) was the "Winner for Best Comedy" at the 2001 Beverly Hills Film Festival. Currently Fauser and Brent Briscoe are working on a screenplay with Miramax, entitled Hillbilly Heist, a comedy based on the true story about the second largest bank heist in U.S. history.

Selected works[edit]



  • It's All About You (Film and Play)



  • It's All About You
  • Pa's Funeral
  • The Right To Remain Silent
  • The King of Cool (A Tribute To James Dean)


  • It's All About You (Film and Play)


Has co-written at least 5 scripts with Brent Briscoe. 2 episodes of the TV show Evening Shade, and the movies The Right To Remain Silent, Waking Up in Reno, and the upcoming film Hillbilly Heist] as well as doing several major studio rewrites with him.

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