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Mark Ghuneim
Born New York City, New York, USA
Occupation General Manager of Twitter’s Curator

Mark Ghuneim is an American internet entrepreneur. Currently the general manager of Twitter’s Curator,[1] he is the founder and CEO of Wiredset,[2] a digital marketing agency and technology incubator, and Trendrr,[3] a social-media tracking service.[4] He was previously senior vice president of online and emerging technology at Sony Music Entertainment.[5]


Ghuneim began his career as program director and VJ at the 21st Street video nightclub Private Eyes in New York City.[6] After positions at MTV's "120 Minutes," and Beggars Banquet/XL/4AD Records, a British independent label, he became vice president of video promotion for Columbia Records.[7][8]

Sony Music[edit]

Ghuneim spent 16 years[when?] at Sony Music Entertainment at various positions including Senior Vice President of Online & Emerging Technologies for Sony’s Columbia Records Group, later expanded to include all of Sony Music Entertainment's online services for Epic, Columbia Records, Sony Classical, Legacy Recordings and Sony Nashville.[9] Ghuneim created and implemented online marketing campaigns for Columbia Records, working with artists such as Bob Dylan, System of a Down, Billy Joel, Jeff Buckley, and Bruce Springsteen.[5]

Ghuneim's tenure at Sony Music occurred as the music industry felt the growing influence of the internet and its effect on music distribution and consumption. Ghuneim's initiatives at Sony Music included the formation of an online and emerging-technologies group as well as innovations in online marketing and promotion, social networking and community management.[4] Under his leadership became a Top 10 comScore and Media Metrix destination.[10][11]


In 2004, Ghuneim left Sony Music Entertainment to launch Wiredset, a start-up digital services company for television networks, movie companies, publishers and emerging brands.[4] Headquartered in the meatpacking district of New York City, with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, Wiredset offered a range of services from marketing to production to Fortune 500 companies, including television networks such as HBO, MTV, Bravo, Comedy Central, and ESPN.[3]

Wiredset also served as an incubator for emerging digital technologies, including Infofilter, a social-media analytics tool launched in 2006.[12] At the time only two social sources - Delicious and Flickr - offered available Application programming interfaces.[4] As Web 2.0 emerged, Infofilter evolved into a robust social analytics tool, rebranded as Trendrr in 2007.[4][13]


Trendrr, a Software as a service (SaaS) providing social media insights, became Wiredset’s primary business in 2009.[14] Trendrr product enhancements enabled users to measure conversation and activity across Twitter, blogs, news sites, social networks, search engines, sales and location-based services. Trendrr’s client roster expanded to include NBC, MTV, Telemundo, and Univision. The company was granted U.S. Patent 8,271,429 for its system and method for collecting and processing data.

Ghuneim became recognized throughout the industry as an expert in the convergence between television and second-screen engagement or social TV, frequently keynoting and moderating at conferences such as UBiQ Paris,[15] NATPE,[16] MIPCOM[17] and PromaxBDA.[18] His experience with social TV and engagement became more relevant as the use of these metrics gained momentum among television networks, producers and brands.[19]

"A socially engaged TV audience is the most powerful marketing team networks have ever had," Ghuneim told AdAge in 2012. "Social TV gives us the opportunity to understand and leverage an audience's emotional attachment to a show, because TV is no longer a one-sided experience. Finally all our shouting at the TV can actually be heard. Brands that are smart enough to listen and leverage that emotional response can unlock valuable attention from an audience that actually cares."[20]

In May 2013, Curatorr became a Twitter Certified Product, joining a list of partners that includes Mass Relevance and Crimson Hexagon.[21] In July 2013, Trendrr released a widely cited study that concluded Facebook had five times as much TV-related social activity as the total of all other social networks that Trendrr measured.[22][23]


Trendrr was acquired by Twitter in August 2013 [24] for an undisclosed sum.[25] Ghuneim subsequently became General Manager of Twitter’s Curator, a position he currently holds.[1]


In 1997, Ghuneim founded, one of the first digital resources devoted to online security.[26] Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Louis Freeh cited a statistic about hacked web sites in Congressional testimony before the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in January 1998.[27] Ghuneim has worked with the American Civil Liberties Union and New York Civil Liberties Union to oppose surveillance in public spaces.[28] He believes that people have a right to be anonymous in their interactions in public spaces.[28]

Personal life[edit]

Ghuneim has guest lectured[29] at universities including University of California, Los Angeles, New York University, and Columbia University, and contributed articles as well as interviews on emerging online trends in digital media.[30][31][32] Ghuneim’s photographs have appeared in publications such as New Musical Express, Time Out magazine, New York magazine and Vogue Brazil magazine.[citation needed]


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