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The following is a list of minor characters that first appeared on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks in 2000, by first appearance.

Matt Musgrove[edit]

Matt Musgrove
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Kristian Ealey
Duration 1998–2000 (Brookside)
2000–04 (Hollyoaks)
First appearance 11 November 1998
Last appearance 12 August 2004
Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour
Hollyoaks: After Hours
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Sailor

Matthew "Matt" Musgrove is a fictional character from the long-running Channel 4 soap opera Brookside, and later Hollyoaks, played by Kristian Ealey. After his initial appearance in Brookside, the character transferred as a regular on its sister show Hollyoaks.


Matt first appears on Brookside Close when he and his family move into Number 8 in October 1998. During his time on the close, Matt befriends Tim O'Leary, Leo Johnson and his cousin Jerome. Matt becomes involved in marijuana, and various fights. Matt's older brother, Luke is accused of raping neighbour Nikki Shadwick, which leads to a feud between the Musgrove and Shadwick families. In early 2000, The Musgroves leave Brookside Close due to Luke's confession to raping Nikki.


During 2000, Matt moves to Hollyoaks village in Chester as a janitor at Hollyoaks Community College, where he becomes close friends with Theo Sankofa and Alex Bell. He then falls for student and radio show host Chloe Bruce. However, he is not keen on asking Chloe out as he feels that she may dislike him due to his occupation. Therefore, Matt decides to phone her on her radio show and pretend to be someone else. When Matt finally reveals himself, Chloe is disappointed — leaving Matt's worst fears confirmed.

Despite this setback, Chloe decides to give Matt a chance and the pair become a couple. The relationship is going well, until Chloe has self-image issues and begins to push Matt away. This results in the pair breaking up, which leaves Matt disappointed due to his love for her. Matt ends up having a one-night stand with new student Eve Crawford, but he is reluctant not to carry on with the relationship, as it is Chloe who he wants to be with. Eventually, Matt and Chloe get back together, as Matt supports her through her problems. Matt eventually proposes to Chloe. The pair become engaged and Chloe's demands for the wedding prove to be expensive. However, Matt is adamant to give her the best wedding ever. He turns to The Loft owner Scott Anderson, and soon becomes involved in Scott's counterfeit money scam. Matt manages to pay for the wedding with counterfeit money, but it proves costly. On his wedding day, the police turn up and Chloe learns the truth about Matt's dealings with Scott. Knowing about Matt lies, Chloe decides she does not want to go through with the wedding, leaving Matt to face the police on his own. Despite attempting to persuade Chloe to take him back, she refuses, leaving Matt to depart away from Hollyoaks.

Matt makes a brief return in 2004, in the late night spin-off Hollyoaks: After Hours, where he is working as a sailor and helps Ben Davies, Jake Dean, Joe Spencer and Dan Hunter escape from a mob who are running after them.

Kristian Ealey died on 3 May 2016, aged 38.[1]

Mark Gibbs[edit]

Mark Gibbs
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Colin Parry
Duration 2000–01
First appearance 2000
Last appearance 2001
Classification Former; regular

Marcus "Mark" Gibbs was a cruel, spiteful bully. Mark takes special delight in tormenting Luke Morgan, eventually attacking him. It had all started at a football training session when Mark was giving trouble, and Luke inadvertently injured Mark’s leg. It left Mark angered because he could not play football professionally. Mark was recovering in hospital and decided to get even with Luke by calling his brothers to beat him up. Mark and his friends continued to trouble Luke when he was training; however, with help from Darren Osborne, Luke put Mark in his place. Still, it made no difference to Mark when he kept on hassling and bullying Luke and soon became friends with Darren. Mark still continued to hassle Luke.

In the late night special Hollyoaks: Breaking Boundaries, after a football match Luke participated in, Mark and his friends beat Luke up in the changing rooms. Mark begins to chase Luke in the streets of Chester. The pair begin a fight when Luke faces up to him, but Mark rapes him over the bonnet of his car. The following day Mark calls around to the Morgan house to see Luke and denies that he raped him; He is eventually charged pending trial, however. Luke’s rape case against Mark goes to court for four days. Mark lies in court, claiming that Luke is making it all up; however, Mark is found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Victoria Hutchinson[edit]

Victoria Hutchinson
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Fiona Mollison
Duration 2000–01, 2005
First appearance 2000
Last appearance 2005
Classification Former; regular

Victoria Hutchinson, played by Fiona Mollison, first appears in 2000 before leaving in 2001. She later appeared in 2005. Victoria meets Finn (James Redmond) and begins a relationship with him. She discovers Finn is a friend of her son, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard). Tony is averse to the relationship. Despite this the pair become engaged and soon after marry. After Victoria discovers Finn has cheated the relationship breaks down and the pair divorce.

Lorraine Wilson[edit]

Lorraine Wilson
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Jo-Anne Knowles
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Businesswoman

Lorraine Wilson is a fictional character on the long-running Channel 4 British television soap opera Hollyoaks. She appears throughout 2000 and is played by Jo-Anne Knowles. Lorraine is a night club owner. She meets and befriends Lewis Richardson (Ben Hull). Lewis begins gambling in a casino she owns and after he mounts up a debt she loans him money. She offers Lewis the option to cancel the debt by having sex with her which Lewis agrees to. Lorraine has been described as a "randy older woman" while her storyline with Lewis was described as a "sizzling sex shocker".[2]

Steph Cunningham[edit]

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