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Mark Grimes
Mark Grimes-Mimico-June2010a.JPG
Grimes at Amos Waites Park in Mimico, Toronto, June 2010
Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 3) Etobicoke—Lakeshore
Ward 6 (2003-2018)
Assumed office
December 1, 2003
Preceded byIrene Jones
Chair of Etobicoke and York Community Council
In office
December 1, 2010 – January 1, 2013
Preceded byFrances Nunziata
Succeeded byVincent Crisanti
Personal details
BornOrillia, Ontario
Spouse(s)Anne Grimes
ResidenceAlderwood, Toronto
OccupationStock Trader/Businessman

Mark Grimes (About this soundlisten) is the Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 3) Etobicoke—Lakeshore.


Grimes was born in Orillia and grew up in New Toronto, a neighbourhood of Toronto where he was a paperboy.[1] Prior to politics, he worked as a trader on the Toronto Stock Exchange before starting his own transportation logistics company, MGA International Logistics. He and his wife Anne live in the Alderwood neighbourhood of Toronto with their five children.[2]


In 2003, Grimes ran as a municipal councillor in Ward 6 Etobicoke-Lakeshore to replace Irene Jones who left the seat to run in the provincial election. He was one of nine candidates to run for the seat. During the campaign he and his closest rival Berardo Mascioli, accused each other of dirty tricks during the election campaign. On election night phone lines to both campaign offices were cut. Grimes won the election by 1,352 votes.[3]

In 2005, Grimes was appointed to the Toronto Transit Commission board but he resigned in 2006 due to a conflict with board chair Howard Moscoe. Grimes seconded a motion of non-confidence in Moscoe over his handling of negotiations with the TTC union. When the vote lost, Grimes immediately resigned. He said continuing to serve on the board would be a waste of time. he said, "Obviously my voice isn't going to be heard."[4][5]

Although Grimes was generally opposed to initiatives supported by Mayor David Miller, he became a key player in getting the land transfer tax passed in 2007. Grimes proposed a compromise that would see rebates for first time buyers. He said, "I'm not there for the mayor or to play the left wing against the right wing ... Nobody likes new taxes, but I don't want to see libraries and ice rinks and community centres closing."[6]

After the 2010 election he was named chair of the Etobicoke-York Community Council.[2]

In a report dated July 5, 2016,[7] Valerie Jepson, the City of Toronto's integrity commissioner, a lawyer, following a 17-month investigation, produced a 44-page misconduct report on Councillor Mark Grimes. According to a Toronto Star newspaper story, dated July 5, 2016,[8] Commissioner Jepson found that Councillor Grimes had "breached council rules when he took part in 'improper' dealings with two different developers". The Star also reported that "Grimes revised an agreement with Davies Smith Developments that resulted in $100,000 less in cash benefits than originally agreed to for one of his ward communities". And "a side arrangement between Grimes and the developer committed $100,000 for improvements to a local park, but that deal not follow the proper procedures and the improvements never happened, Jepson found". Further, the story goes on to state that "The integrity commissioner also found that Grimes improperly used the influence of his office when he appeared in a promotional video for another developer, Empire Communities, in 2014".

On November 16, 2018 the OPP charged Grimes along with outgoing city councillor Justin Di Ciano for allegedly filing false campaign expenses for the 2014 municipal elections, contrary to the Municipal Elections Act.[9][10]

Election results[edit]

2018 Toronto election, Ward 3
Candidate Votes %
(x)Mark Grimes 16,527 40.90%
Amber Morley 10,985 27.19%
Pamela Gough 7,301 18.07%
Iain Davis 2,722 6.74%
Svitlana Burlakova 1,218 3.01%
Peggy Moulder 575 1.42%
Patrizia Nigro 394 0.98%
Michael Julihen 320 0.79%
Michael Loomans 199 0.49%
Robert Gunnyon 167 0.41%
2014 Toronto election, Ward 6
Candidate Votes %
Mark Grimes 11337 43.96
Russ Ford 8791 34.08
Tony Vella 2718 10.54
Miroslaw Jankielewicz 1114 4.32
Sean O'Callaghan 501 1.94
Peggy Moulder 398 1.54
Michael Laxer 305 1.18
Everett Sheppard 221 0.86
Ruthmary James 169 0.66
Robert Sysak 90 0.35
John Letonja 84 0.33
Dave Searle 64 0.25
Total 25,792 100.00
2010 Toronto election, Ward 6[11]
Candidate Votes %
Mark Grimes 12,228 60.4
Jem Cain 5,847 28.9
Michael Laxer 717 3.5
Wendell Brereton 605 3.0
Cecilia Luu 466 2.3
David Searle 375 1.9
Total 20,238 100%
2006 Toronto election, Ward 6[12]
Candidate Votes %
Mark Grimes 6,472 42.6
Jem Cain 3,758 24.7
Matthew Day 2,327 15.3
Gregory Wowchuk 931 6.1
Danuta Markiewicz 531 3.5
Rosalie Chalmers 424 2.8
Walter Melnyk 309 2.0
Tony Del Grande 303 2.0
George Kash 131 0.9
2003 Toronto election, Ward 6
Candidate Votes %
Mark Grimes 5,334 32.4
Berardo Mascioli 3,982 24.2
Jerry Smith 3,437 20.9
Diane Cleary 1,180 27.2
Mark Selkirk 1,079 6.6
Gregory Wowchuk 893 5.4
George Kash 208 1.3
Frederick Azman 174 1.1
David Searle 94 0.6
Robin Vinden 83 0.5


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