Mark Lazar

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Mark Lazar
Born (1977-07-19) July 19, 1977 (age 39)
Toledo, Ohio
Skip Bill Stopera
Third Dean Gemmell
Lead Mark Lazar

Mark Lazar (born July 19, 1977) is an American curler. He competed in the 2005 United States Olympic Curling Trials.[1] He curls out of the Bowling Green Curling Club.[2]


While attending Bowling Green University in his freshman year, Lazar took a 1 credit gym class in curling. He joined the Bowling Green Curling Club a year after and joined a club league and the university curling league.[2]

Lazar participated in the 2001, 2002, and 2003 United States Men's Curling Championships. In 2005 Lazar was lead for the Don Barcome Jr. rink at the United States Olympic Curling Trials, where his team finished 10th. He also participated in the 2006 Men's Nationals, finishing 9th.[2]

Under skip Bryan Wight, he participated in the 2011 United States Men's Curling Championship qualifiers, where he made it to the challenge round (one level under the finals). His team finished tied for last in the challenge round.


Season Skip Third Second Lead Events
2005-06 Wes Johnson Leon Romaniuk Brandon Way Mark Lazar 2005 USOCT
2009-10 Bryan Wight Michael Moore Joey Bonfoey Mark Lazar 2010 USOCT
2010-11 Bryan Wight Michael Moore Joel Dietz Mark Lazar 2011 USMCR
2011-12 Eric Fenson Trevor Andrews Quentin Way Mark Lazar 2012 USNCC
2012-13 Mike Farbelow Kevin Deeren Kraig Deeren Mark Lazar 2013 USNCC
2013-14 Mike Farbelow Kevin Deeren Kraig Deeren Mark Lazar
2014–15 Dean Gemmell Bill Stopera Martin Sather Mark Lazar 2015 USNCC
2015–16 Heath McCormick Bill Stopera Dean Gemmell Mark Lazar 2016 USNCC
2016–17 Bill Stopera Dean Gemmell Mark Lazar