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Mark Levinson Audio Systems Ltd.
IndustryHigh-end audio
FounderMark Levinson
ProductsAudio equipment
ParentHarman International Industries Edit this on Wikidata

Mark Levinson is an American high-end audio equipment brand established in 1972 by eponymous founder Mark Levinson, and based in Stamford, Connecticut. It is owned by Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of South Korean company Samsung Electronics.


Mark Levinson Audio Systems Ltd. (MLAS) was founded 1972 in Woodbridge, CT (a suburb of New Haven) by Mark Levinson. Original MLAS products were designed by Mark Levinson with a team of associates. Audio pioneer Dick Burwen, Levinson’s first electronics mentor, helped Levinson start the company with the iconic LNP-2 Preamplifier.[1] Chief engineer Tom Colangelo, who brought visionary audio circuitry to the company, died in a tragic car accident in 2007.[2]

In 1980, an investor acquired control of the company, allegedly without paying Levinson, and allegedly put MLAS through a planned bankruptcy to eliminate Levinson’s 43% interest in the company. Mark Levinson Audio Systems, Ltd. ceased to exist in 1984, with Madrigal Audio Labs acquiring its assets.[3] Madrigal Audio Labs took Levinson to court and asked the United States government to forbid him from working in audio for the rest of his life. In August 1986, Levinson won the case but lost the right to use his given name as a trade name (such as is put on a product).[4]

Since 1990, the Mark Levinson brand and trade name have been property of Harman International Industries. Mark Levinson produces audio amplifiers and digital audio processors that have a characteristic black anodized chassis, a design associated with the brand since the beginning. Harman also makes Mark Levinson audio systems as an optional upgrade for Lexus luxury automobiles. Mark Levinson invented the concept of high-end car sound in 1979. Mark Levinson automotive audio systems are designed in collaboration with sound, electrical, and design engineers who produce Mark Levinson audio electronics.[5][6]

Certain Lexus models have featured Mark Levinson sound systems as an option since 2001,[5][7] with prices varying based on the vehicle and its specific components (~US$2,500 for the LS 460, ~US$1,600 for the ES 350, ~US$1,440 for the IS 350, etc.). The first Mark Levinson car 5.1 surround sound system appeared on the Toyota Crown Majesta in 2004.[8] Current UK Lexus models available with the Mark Levinson Audio System include: CT 200h Premier, IS 250/300h Premier, GS 300h/450h Premier, RC F Carbon, NX 300h Premier, RX 450h Advance and Premier, LS 460 Luxury and F Sport and LS 600h L Premier.[9]

Equipment history[edit]

Mark Levinson No. 26S preamplifier


  • ML-2 Class A Mono Amplifier with regulated power supplies
  • ML-3 Power Amplifier
  • ML-9 Power Amplifier
  • ML-11 Power Amplifier


  • LNP-1 Preamplifier
  • LNP-2 Professional Preamplifier
  • JC-1 Moving Coil Cartridge Preamplifier
  • JC-1AC Moving Coil Cartridge Preamplifier
  • JC-2 Straightline Preamplifier
  • ML-1 Preamplifier
  • ML-6, ML-6A, ML-6B Preamplifier
  • ML-7, ML-7A Preamplifier
  • ML-8 Microphone Preamplifier
  • ML-10, ML-10A Preamplifier
  • ML-12, ML-12A Preamplifier

Power Supplies[edit]

  • PLS-150
  • PLS-151
  • PLS-153
  • PLS-154
  • ML-6


  • LNC-2 Electronic Crossover

Tape Machines[edit]

  • ML-5 modified Studer A-80 professional tape recorder with custom electronics


  • Mark Levinson HQD System

This was Levinson’s tri-amped active replay system. Each of the two channels comprising a woofer using a 24” Hartley drive unit, a pair of stacked Quad electrostatic speakers for the midrange and between the two Quad speakers a Decca (Kelly) ribbon tweeter for the treble, the latter modified by having the horn removed. Each speaker was driven by a separate ML-2 amplifier fed by a LNC-2, this in turn being fed by an ML-1 preamp[10].


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