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Mark Lorenzen (born 1966) is a video game designer and former entrepreneur. He is best known for his work with Doug TenNapel.


Lorenzen was born in Huntington Beach, California. He got primary education from Huntington Beach High School, and later attended Point Loma Nazarene University,[1] finishing it in 1988 on art specialty. Here he studied along with Doug TenNapel.[2]


Lorenzen first entered the video game industry by joining Blue Sky Software in the early 90s. While there, he served as design director on such games as Jurassic Park, Vectorman and Ren & Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention, working alongside TenNapel. After leaving Blue Sky in 1995 Lorenzen joined Shiny Entertainment, working on Earthworm Jim 2. The level "Lorenzen's Soil" was named in his honour. In 1996 Doug TenNapel formed The Neverhood, Inc. (further history could be read here), with Lorenzen and number of people from Shiny joining in. He worked on game with his brother Tim, who worked at 7th Level. Lorenzen and TenNapel created the history of the game, which spans 38 screens and could be read in Neverhood's "Hall of Records". Lorenzen later led art design on The Neverhood, Inc.-made Skullmonkeys and BoomBots.

In 1999 The Neverhood, Inc. went bust, and Lorenzen with its former workers formed the game company Monkeytropolis, based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.[3] The company was active for 3 years and then went bust. Its only project was an extreme sports title for Activision.[4]

In April 2002 Lorenzen joined Electronic Arts.

In January 2014, Pencil Test Studios announced that Lorenzen was working as the lead programmer on their upcoming Armikrog game.[5]

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Personal life[edit]

Lorenzen is married to his wife Angela, and has two children: son Christian and daughter Caroline. He is based at Sandy, Utah.


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