Mark Lui

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Mark Lui
Chinese name 雷頌德 (traditional)
Chinese name 雷頌德 (simplified)
Pinyin Léi Sòng Dé (Mandarin)
Jyutping leoi4 zung6 dak1 (Cantonese)
Born (1969-07-09) 9 July 1969 (age 47)
British Hong Kong
Other name(s) Mark
Occupation Composer, Musician, Arrangers, Songwriter, Producer, Artists and Repertoire(A&R), Music Director, Lyricist, Singer, Actor, Fashion Designer
Genre(s) Cantopop, Britpop
Instrument(s) Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards
Voice type(s) Baritone
Label(s) Gold
Amusic (Year 2011 to Present)
Years active

Year 1992 to Present

Associated acts Dry (group)
Spouse(s) Jade Chinese: 梁家玉
Children Jack Chinese: 雷鳴
Jazz Chinese: 雷響
Official website Amusic Official Website

Mark Lui (Chinese: 雷頌德, (1969-07-09)9 July 1969) is from Hong Kong. He is a composer and producer of Cantopop music with the "On Your Mark" creative team, and part of the Artists and Repertoire team at East Asia Record Production Co., Ltd.. Notable works include singers Hacken Lee and Alan Tam's "Neighbours" (Chinese: 左鄰右里), Leon Lai’s "Words of Love Not Yet Spoken" (Chinese: 情深說話未曾講), Kelly Chen's "Everything is Beautiful Because of You" (Chinese: 一切很美只因有你), "Paisley Galaxy " (Chinese: 花花宇宙), etc. He is also a Fashion Designer with COOLDAY, SIR - A Today Is Cool Fashion Brand Solo Shop.

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