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Mark M. Macias is an American journalist, producer, author, and media strategist. Macias was an Executive Producer on NBC from 2000 to 2003 and Senior Producer on CBS from 2003 to 2007. He left CBS in 2009 to start his own global public relations agency – Macias PR.[1]

Mark Macias as he appears in his book, "Beat The Press: Your Guide to Managing the Media."

Macias has been featured as a media expert on Fox News,[2] the New York Times,[3] CBS,[4] and Channel 1 NY.,[5] giving expert commentary about communications and strategy.

He is also the author of Beat The Press: Your Guide to Managing the Media,[6] which has been featured in the New York Times, the New York Post, Fox Business News,[7] the Toronto Sun,[8] and other outlets local to New York.

Macias has also taught crisis management and publicity acquisition courses to media professionals for MediaBistro.[9]

He is currently a contributor for CNBC, frequently writing about politics and media strategy.[10]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Macias was nominated for five Emmy awards in the categories: Documentary programming;[11] Features;[12] Business & Consumer;[13] News & Public Affairs, and Religious Programming.[14] He won an Emmy in the News & Public Affairs category.[15]

During his time with NBC, Macias and Ike Seamans[16] were the first American TV journalists to expose the NSA’s ability to eavesdrop on Americans using satellites.[17] The story aired in November 1999 before other media outlets began reporting on the controversial government program. After Edward Snowden's release of classified NSA documents that confirmed the investigative reports by Mark Macias and Ike Seamans, this story developed into one of the most widely-covered whistleblowing campaigns in the world.

Macias is also a Pulliam Journalism Fellow and graduate of the Poynter Institute – a modern journalism think tank.[18]

Macias PR[edit]

Main page: Macias PR

Macias currently owns and operates a full-service global public relations agency in Midtown Manhattan called MaciasPR. This agency has worked with clients like Provident Loan, Columbia University Medical Center, PlentyOfFish, The International Council of Shopping Centers, Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals,[19] and the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce.[20][21]

MaciasPR has positioned clients like these into stories on global publications like CNBC, CNN, CBS, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, NPR, BusinessInsider, VentureBeat, Fox, USA Today, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The New York Post, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, and others.[22]

Financial marketing[edit]

After the passage of the JOBS Act, Macias has been publishing a series of white papers that compile research and statistics from independent sources to evaluate the profitability of publicity for hedge funds, private equity, and other alternative investment vehicles.[23] Although his firm offers the marketing services of both publicity and advertising, his firm's research points to the conclusion that publicity has a higher return on investment than advertising.[24] Although financial publicity and fund marketing are not the primary focus of Macias PR,[22] Macias' global agency owns and operates three subdivision domains that are dedicated to financial media strategy - MarketYourFund,[25] HedgeFundPublicity,[26] and HedgeFundPR.[27] Their latest white paper uses a case study from an asset management client to evaluate the scope of a financial publicity campaign - this research is available to the public.[28]

Publications like the Chicago Tribune[29] and Emerging Market Manager [30] have been referencing Macias' research in reporting on the subject. In the social media realm, Macias releases daily PR-tips for business owners trying to handle their public image on the Macias PR company Facebook page. They have released an infographic detailing some of their empirical findings.[31]

Notable projects and works[edit]

Independent of Macias PR, Mark Macias also operates and writes for 'PRhelp,' which is an open forum blog and article hub that discusses contemporary media issues, publicity acquisition, marketing, and media strategy.[32]

Mark Macias has also published a second book in addition to Beat The Press: Your Guide to Managing the Media. His second book is called "The Tao of PR", which discusses publicity strategy and evaluates the inner workings of the press room. This literature is publicly available upon request.[33]

In the political arena, Macias was the media strategist for 3 political campaigns in New York - Alex Hammer for United States Senate, Scott Noren for United States Senate, and Michael Grimm for the United States House of Representatives. Michael Grimm went on to defeat Michael Allegretti 69% - 31%, but is now facing a 20-count federal indictment.[34]


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