Mark Mahon

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For the Florida politician, see Mark Mahon (politician).
Mark Mahon
Film Director Mark Mahon in New York.png
Mark Mahon in New York
Born Mark John Mahon
(1973-04-01) 1 April 1973 (age 42)
Cork City, Ireland
Occupation director
Years active 2006–present

Mark Mahon (born 1 April 1973) is an Irish film director, writer and producer from Cork city, Ireland.

At the age of twenty two, Mark was severely injured in an accident and had to spend several months in hospital recovering. During this time, he turned his love of acting and his passion for the industry to writing feature films.[1] To date, he has written five scripts and one graphic novel called Freedom Within the Heart, which as an unproduced screenplay won Best Screenplay at the 2005 Action on Film International Film Festival.[2][3] Since then, he set up a film production company, Maron Pictures.[4]

In 2006, Mark received his Director's Diploma from the Raindance Organization in London.[citation needed] In 2007, Mark also appeared on the front cover of Hollywood Scriptwriter in the April edition.[citation needed]

He directed his first feature-length film Strength and Honour starring Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Patrick Bergin and Richard Chamberlain,[5] which tells the story of an Irish-American boxer who accidentally kills his friend in the ring and promises his wife that he will never box again. It was released on 20 November 2007 in Ireland and was tested on a limited capacity in the United States on 7 December 2007. Mark Mahon was nominated for an Irish Film and Television Awards for his efforts.[6]

In 2013, Mark launched the Freedom Within The Heart graphic novel at Dublin Castle in Ireland.[7] He is currently planning to make a movie of the same title next year in Ireland.