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Mark Aronovich Naimark (Russian: Марк Ароно́вич Наймарк) (5 December 1909 – 30 December 1978) was a Soviet mathematician.

He was born in Odessa, Russian Empire (today's Ukraine) into a Jewish family and died in Moscow, USSR. He received his PhD in 1943 from the Steklov Institute of Mathematics; his doctoral advisor was Mark Krein. In 1962 he became professor in the Department of the Theory of Functions and Functional Analysis at the Steklov Mathematical Institute.


Contributions that Naimark is known for include


  • Unitary representations of the classical group (with I. M. Gelfand, 1950)
  • Linear Differential operators, 1954
  • Normed Rings, 1956
  • Linear Representations of the Lorentz Group, 1958
  • Theory of Group Representations, 1974

(all the above books were written in Russian)

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