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Nottingham in 2013

Mark Nottingham (born November 30, 1971) is a web infrastructure developer.

Nottingham served on the W3C's Technical Architecture Group[1] and is currently a member of the Internet Architecture Board[2]. He has chaired the IETF HTTP Working Group since 2007, the IETF QUIC Working Group since 2016, and previously chaired the W3C Web Services Addressing Working Group.

He has authored a number of IETF RFCs[3] related to HTTP, URIs and other Web technology.

Nottingham has worked at Akamai Technologies as a Research Scientist, BEA Systems as a Senior Principal Technologist, Yahoo! as a "technical Yahoo" in the media infrastructure department, and Rackspace as a Systems Architect. He then went on to re-join Akamai in September 2012, before transitioning to a brief position at Mozilla, followed by a move to Fastly, in the Office of the CTO.[4]

In 2002, Nottingham wrote "So You'd Like to Be a Standards Geek,[5]" a reading list on for people who aspire to create Internet protocols and formats. He included Machiavelli's The Prince among the books to read: "It's short, sweet (well, not really) and gets you in the proper frame of mind for doing battle, er, gathering consensus," he quipped.

He has been a featured speaker at technical conferences including XTech 2006[6], QCon 2007[7], Velocity 2010[8], 2014[9], and ausnog 2017[10].

In August 2017, Nottingham submitted issues to several programming libraries asking for their removal of the 418 ("I'm a teapot") HTTP status code[11] which resulted in it being reserved in a forthcoming revision of HTTP.[12]

Originally from Baltimore, United States, Nottingham graduated from Towson University with a bachelor of arts in photojournalistic studies, a self-designed major that included work in journalism, photography and graphic design.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Anitra and their two sons.


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