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Oshea duo.jpg
O'Shea at CMA Music Festival, 2010
Background information
Genres Country
Labels Trauma
Associated acts Zinc
Website therealoshea.com
Members Jay O'Shea
Mark O'Shea

O’Shea is a country music duo formed by husband and wife team Mark O’Shea (born 16 February 1977) and Jay O’Shea (previously Kylie Smith, born 17 January 1974).[1] Since relocating to Nashville in 2007, the duo has seen success as artists and songwriters, and also as finalists in the Country Music Television series Can You Duet.[2]

Early careers[edit]

Individually Mark and Jay have both seen success as independent artists as their career has taken them across the globe. Originally from Dalby, Queensland Mark had begun his musical career at an early age by winning the Gympie Music Muster talent competition in 1993[3][4] which led to a record deal he signed at age 17. His debut album earned Mark two Golden Guitar awards from the CMAA for Best New Talent of the Year (1996) for the track "The Swimming Song"[5] and Best Video (1997) for "The Dreamer".[6] Eventually Mark left his solo career to form rock/pop group Zinc that signed with Los Angeles-based label, Trauma. The band's first single released in Australia, "The Morning After" (co-written with Mark Hudson), reached No. 22 on the ARIA Charts in 2004.[7] In 2006, Mark toured as a guitarist for artist Ronn Moss and also had his own song "When We Kissed" recorded and released on Moss' Uncovered album in 2005.[8]

In addition to her musical endeavors, Jay also toured the UK and Europe with the Australian Dance-Drill team at age 15.[9][10] In 2003 Jay signed her first publishing deal with Warner Chappell London. While working in London, Jay co-wrote "Rutinas" with Wendy Page and Jim Marr. It became the hit single on Chenoa's album Nada Es Igual and reached No. 1 on the Spanish chart in 2005.

Forming O'Shea[edit]

In 2007, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee and began performing as a duo. O'Shea was soon travelling across the US to open for artists Phil Vassar,[11][12] Jimmy Wayne, Sara Evans, and the Oak Ridge Boys.[13]

While working with Nashville-based Australian producer Mark Moffat the duo recorded the hit single "Old School". The video for the single reached No. 7 on Australia's Country Music Channel in 2010.[14] The next single released, "Smash", co-written with Kim Carnes, reached No. 1 on CMC's Top 50 Video Countdown.[15] In 2011, O'Shea performed at CMC Rocks the Hunter and hosted the DVD coverage of the event.[16][17]

In 2010, the pair began hosting their own TV show called O'Shea USA which aired on Australia’s Country Music Channel (CMC).[18]

In 2011, the duo signed with Sony Australia to release their debut album Mr. and Mrs.[19] The album featured 11 tracks written/co-written by the duo alongside Nashville co-writers Dave Berg, Josh Leo, and Georgia Middleman. It debuted at No. 9 on the ARIA Charts.[20]

O'Shea was awarded the 2012 CMAA New Talent of the Year Award.[21]

Their album One + One debuted at number 3 on the ARIA Country Charts and cracked the top 30 on the all genre chart in 2013.[22]

In 2015, the duo's album The Famine and the Feast reached number 36 on the ARIA Charts,[23] and number 1 on the ARIA Country Albums chart.[24]

Personal lives[edit]

Mark and Jay became a couple in 1996 and subsequently married. They have two daughters.[25]

In 2014 Jay collaborated with her birth father, Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst on "The Truth Walks Slowly". Jay met Hirst in 2010 following a long search for her birth parents, after they gave her up for adoption when they were teenagers.[26]

Mark is a keen angler.[27]


In 2013, O'Shea supported the Australian tour by Cliff Richard.[28]


Award Category Artist Year
Golden Guitar Best New Talent Mark O'Shea 1996
Golden Guitar Best Video Mark O'Shea 1997
Golden Guitar Best New Talent O'Shea 2012[29]
Golden Guitar Group or Duo of the Year Mark O'Shea 2014


Song title Recording artist Album Songwriter Year
"Rutinas" Chenoa Nada Is Equal Jay O'Shea 2005
"When We Kissed" Ronn Moss Uncovered Mark O'Shea 2005
"Good Thing Gone" Dan Evans Goin' All Out Mark O'Shea 2008


Video Rank Year
"Old School" No. 7 on CMC 2010
"Smash" No. 1 on CMC 2011
"Meant to Be" No. 1 on CMC 2011
"When the Girls Get Together" No. 1 on CMC 2012
"Everyday Is a Good Day" No. 1 on CMC 2012
"Swimming Song" No. 7 on CMC 2012
"Thank You Angels" No. 1 on CMC 2013
"Be with You Tonight" No. - 2013


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