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Mark Opsasnick at the New Deal Cafe, Greenbelt, MD Labor Day 2014

Mark Opsasnick is a Washington, D.C.-based writer and cultural historian who has authored seven books and more than 70 articles on such subjects as unexplained phenomena, popular culture and rock and roll music.

Books authored by Mark Opsasnick[edit]

Capitol Rock (1996)
Washington Rock and Roll (1998)
Miscellaneous and Unknown (2000)
The Cultural Badlands Tour Y2K (2001)
The Maryland Bigfoot Digest (2004)
The Lizard King Was Here (2006)
The Real Story Behind the Exorcist (2006)

Film and television appearances[edit]

STRANGE WORLD (Strange World Productions, 1994)

Produced and directed by Mark Chorvinsky. This is a 30-minute commercially issued video that investigates several fascinating cases of unexplained phenomena. The contents include: “The Selbyville (Delaware) Swamp Monster Investigation;” “Strange News/UFO Report;” and “In Search of the Thunderbird Photograph.” Mark Opsasnick appears as part of the field investigation team that travels to Delaware and searches for the Selbyville Swamp Monster and is also featured as an interview subject for the Thunderbird Photograph segment. This program aired throughout the nineties on cable television stations all over the United States.


“Real Exorcist” (Television program; Friday, February 4, 2000)

“Nearly 30 years ago, ‘The Exorcist’ captured the nation’s attention. The harrowing story of a young girl under demonic possession became a best-selling book and then one of the biggest blockbuster movies of all-time. For years, rumors persisted that the story was based on an actual case. Now, the sensational secret is revealed, as Inside Edition examines the real life inspiration behind the incredible story.” The “Inside Edition” team goes on-location with Mark Opsasnick to Cottage City, Maryland to investigate the real story that inspired the best-selling book and legendary movie.


Produced and edited by Jeff Krulik, John Heyn and Brad Dismukes. Mark Opsasnick is an on-camera subject in this feature-length independent documentary that examines the story of Led Zeppelin’s mysterious and now-legendary concert at the Wheaton Youth Center (Montgomery County, Maryland) which allegedly took place on January 20, 1969 during their first United States tour.


Ignoreland (Opsasnick featured in the Washington City Paper)

Homer’s Odyssey (Opsasnick featured in the Washington Post)

Greenbelt Live

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