Mark Ridley (zoologist)

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Mark Ridley
Born England
Nationality British (English)
Scientific career
Fields Zoology, Evolutionary biology
Institutions University of Oxford
Thesis The comparative economics of reproductive behaviour (1987)
Doctoral advisor Richard Dawkins

Mark Ridley (born 1956) is a British zoologist and writer on evolution.

He studied at both Oxford and Cambridge in the 1980s (his doctoral advisor being Richard Dawkins), and later worked at Emory University. As of 2010 he worked as a research assistant at the Department of Zoology, Oxford University.[1] Ridley has worked on the evolution of reproductive behaviour and written a number of popular accounts of evolutionary biology, including articles for the New York Times, The Sunday Times, Nature, New Scientist and The Times Literary Supplement. He claims to be honoured to be frequently confused for Matt Ridley, another writer on evolution who is also from the UK.[2]

Published works[edit]


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