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Mark S Berry: Attack Media Group and Deevel's Chairman
Mark S Berry: Attack Media Group and Deevel's Chairman

Mark S. Berry is a music producer[1] who has 36 international gold and platinum record awards. He is chairman of Attack Media Group[2] (a Toronto-based privately owned media and entertainment company). The Grammy and Juno nominated artists he has worked with include David Bowie, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Boy George, Yes, Joan Jett, Cameo and Kool & The Gang.

His Canadian productions have included I Mother Earth, two platinum albums for The Headstones, The Killjoys, Nothing In Particular, Fence, Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) platinum solo effort, and Up Close & Alone.

The beginning[edit]

Originally from Brooklyn, Mark began his music career at the Institute of Audio Research (IAR) in New York City in 1972. At age 17, Mark was commuting into Manhattan at night, learning about making records and recording up and coming basement bands.

After graduating from IAR, Mark was drawn to the Brit sound and flew to London, England, where he arrived on the doorsteps of AIR Studios, one of the world's most popular recording facilities co-owned by Sir George Martin. "I just flew over and started walking the streets of London looking for a job, stopping in every studio that I took off the back of my favorite albums," he remembers. Mark soon met Nigel Walker, who was working as an assistant to producer, John Punter, on an Allan Clarke (lead singer of The Hollies) solo project at AIR. "That ended up being my first job in the business, working with John Punter. Getting cigarettes and coffee for the guys and just watching and listening in the background, absorbing everything."

Mark gained expertise in engineering and mixing records and in classic rock production and orchestral techniques, working as an assistant to Sir George Martin. Sir George was responsible for producing arguably the most influential band in the history of rock 'n' roll, The Beatles. Working with George started out as recording classical records in cathedrals around London for the chamber choir group The Kings Singers. He soon began setting up and assisting on George Martin and Paul McCartney sessions.

Mark's experience led to his first major assignment; Carly Simon's No Secrets album, which included the worldwide smash, “You're So Vain”, and would be his first engineering credit. Hanging out with Mick Jagger for the background vocals on "You're So Vain" and then going over to Olympic studios for the mixing of their live ‘72 tour tapes was certainly the highlight of his early years, and all before the age of 19.

However, this was only the beginning for Mark. "I'd say the most amazing session had to be "Live and Let Die", performed by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Mark worked on several projects such as Roll Over Beethoven for Electric Light Orchestra, Grand Hotel for Procal Harum, Climax Blues Band and Live - Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. During his tenure at AIR studios, Mark worked under the tutelage of British rock engineers/producers such as Bill Price (Sex Pistols), John Punter (Japan, Reflex, Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music), Steve Nye (Roxy Music), Alan Harris (T-Rex, Marc Bolan, Mott The Hoople), Geoff Emerick (The Beatles), Chris Thomas (Elton John, The Pretenders, Pink Floyd, INXS), Jeff Lynne (ELO, Tom Petty, Traveling Wilburys), Martin Birch (Iron Maiden, Deep Purple) and Tony Visconti (David Bowie).

Return to New York: The birth of hip hop to independent producer[edit]

Mark returned to the states in the mid 1970s. He began freelancing around New York at some of the top recording studios like Electric Lady, Record Plant and the Hit Factory. In 1977, Mark was approached with the position of Staff Engineer and in-house A&R/producer for Vanguard Records (Joan Baez, Buffy Saint-Marie, Country Joe & the Fish) where he worked for over nine years.

While at Vanguard Studios, Mark continued to engineer and mix projects for several of New York's top dance/pop producers and became heavily involved in the early 80’s New York hip-hop movement working with artists and producers such as Soul Sonic Force (Looking For The Perfect Beat), Planet Patrol (Play At Your Own Risk), Awesome Foursome (Funky Soul Makosa), New Edition (Candy Girl), Jellybean, Arthur Baker, Freeze (AEIOU), Eddie O’Loughlin (Next Plateau), John Robie, C-Bank (One More Shot), Tommy Silverman (Tommy Boy Records), Importe 12 Records, Man Parrish (the groundbreaking Hip Hop Be Bop) and many more.

During this time Mark discovered and producing up and coming dance acts such as Alisha, who after enormous success with Vanguard Records went on to sign with multi-national labels RCA and MCA/Universal, respectively. Mark's hit productions for Alisha included the #1 dance singles “All Night Passion” and “Too Turned On” along with the international pop smash “Baby Talk,” which went on to become a worldwide chart-topping hit, remaining on the Billboard pop charts for over four months.

The 80s: Dance re-mixes and rock productions[edit]

Mark moved into the area of 7" & 12" dance and rock mixing and re-mixing for major multi-platinum artists such as David Bowie, Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Toto, Yes, Billy Idol, Boy George, Kool & The Gang, Stephanie Mills, Jimmy Barnes, Animotion, and Joan Jett.

Mark’s New York entertainment attorney and longtime friend, Paul Schindler of Grubman, Indursky & Schindler put a meeting together with Michael Gudinski. At that time Michael was president of Australia’s largest independent record company, Mushroom Records. Mark went on to produce and mix multi-platinum records for some of Australia’s biggest acts including; Kids In The Kitchen, Pseudo Echo, Jimmy Barnes, Indecent Obsession, Eurogliders, Machinations, and The Chantoozies.

New horizons: the 1990s[edit]

In 1991, Mark moved further towards rock production and signed with Steve Scharf for producer management in New York city and relocated to Toronto. In that same year, Mark re-mixed Glass Tiger (EMI) and produced the hit album Get Off for multi-platinum Canadian act Haywire (Attic Records).

Mark also discovered and produced I Mother Earth (EMI) and was the man behind their instant signing buzz that brought 11 international A&R people to Toronto in the fall of 1991 in a bid to sign the emerging band, all based upon a little 5-song master that Mark produced at Metalwork’s Studios. IME went on to become one of the biggest alternative bands in Canadian rock history. This rock production brought him to a chance meeting with Hugh Dillon, lead singer for Canadian rock outfit, The Headstones and Mark went on to produce two platinum albums, Picture of Health and Teeth & Tissue for the band through MCA/Universal. Burton Cummings, lead singer for the Guess Who then tapped Mark to produce and mix his live solo unplugged effort for Universal, Up Close & Alone, another multi-platinum awarded production.

Canadian rock manager Pierre Paradis from Montreal tapped Mark to produce and engineer Outer Limits (MCA/Universal) for Voivod recorded in Los Angeles. Arguably one of Mark’s most compelling productions with the 17-minute opus Jack Luminous.

With start up capital from a small publishing company controlled by Canadian media giant Alliance Atlantis, he went on to release, via Attack, some of the very records he was hired to produce, along with securing them insertions in some of the biggest TV shows and feature-length films in the entertainment business. Mark put together international licensing and insertion deals for masters that he was involved with either as a producer, co-publisher or master owner.

Present day[edit]

Mark is presently at the helm of the Attack Group of companies, an independent media company.

Attack Filmworks has completed post-production of its first 80-minute feature-length film, Road To Nowhere, co-starring Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway). Attack Filmworks has signed Canada's producer/director team, the Butler Brothers to a two-picture deal. Slacker classics Alive & Lubricated and Bums came to DVD in summer 2004. Both films have soundtracks from Attack artists and Attackin Tunes co-publishing clients.

Attack owns and controls the international audio, video and merchandising rights to 144 audio CD masters through its children’s division, KidzAttack Entertainment LLC called The Ellery Mysteries featuring the goofy dog character named Ellery and his sidekicks. Also included is a coloring book w/crayons. This series is the in-flight children’s entertainment with some of the world’s largest airlines. An animation series is in development.

Attack Group controls the worldwide master rights to the first Frank Sinatra single called Our Love recorded in 1939 at the age of 19. With broad ancillary rights associated with the master, Attack Filmworks has a feature length MOW in development.

Attackin Tunes, Attack Group music publishing division has a co-publishing agreement with one of the world's largest independent music publishers, Cherry Lane Music Publishing.

Attack’s music can be heard in network and cable TV programs such as Dawsons Creek, Roswell, MTV, ESPN, Fox along with the features Gang Tapes (Lions Gate) featuring Coolio, Harvard Man (Lions Gate) with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Poolhall Junkies (Gold Circle) featuring Christopher Walken and many more. Attackin Tunes does the theme music along with “bumpers” and “stingers” for Girlz TV, Bang TV, Teens Dating and Health & Beauty TV, internationally. They have done music insertions in the extreme sports programming area for cable and television networks, like ESPN. Attackin Tune’s client MDM can be heard in The Making of The Matrix Reloaded in the DVD and the accompanying TV special in the Freeway Chase Scene.

Mark’s latest venture is, an interactive website for worldwide music supervisors and filmmakers. The entire Attackin Tunes music publishing catalog (along with joining subscribers) is available on the internet and all insertions can be handled and licensed online like the very first Frank Sinatra single ever recorded, the first Biohazard album or the entire Eddy Grant (Electric Avenue) Caribbean music publishing catalog. AttackTrax inserts hundreds of songs into feature-length films, short films, documentaries, television/cable programs, extreme sports DVD’s, exercise DVD’s and many more that require music behind a client’s visual content. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry come to AttackTrax including ESPN, MTV, Sony, Tri-Star, Disney, FOX, Warner Brothers, WB, Alliance Atlantis, plus many more.

A few days a month Mark hits the road with his Lecture and Workshop series to speak at universities and colleges about his position as producer/engineer/A&R scout combined with his role as president/CEO of a fledgling media company. He has also spoken as a panelist and moderator at music conferences like NXNE (North by Northeast), CMW (Canadian Music Week), Music West and Millennium Music Conference.

Since the fall of 1998, Mark has attended the University of Toronto, Innis College, undergraduate program and is specializing in Cinema Studies to further assist him in his move towards feature-length film production.


Burton Cummings Producer/Mixer/Platinum Up Close And Alone Universal
Punch Buggy Producer/Mixer My Norwegian Cousin Sour/Sony
Popgun Picnic Producer/Mixer Stinks Like Truth Independent
Blasternaut Producer/Mixer Eden Pit Attack
Sicboy Producer/Mixer Artificial Flavors Attack
Vertical Creep Producer/Mixer Vertical Creep Attack
Pop Cherry Producer/Mixer Straight Up Deevel
Teenage Head Producer/Mixer Head Disorder Loudrock
Headstones Producer/Mixer/Platinum Teeth and Tissue Universal
Spirit Pushers Producer/Mixer Time, Light, Shine, Free a-Rabian
Fence Producer/Mixer No Dumping a-Rabian
Sisters Cherrie Producer/Mixer I Think Therefore, I’m Fuct a-Rabian
Bootsauce Remixer Bootsauce Polygram
Voivod Producer/Mixer The Outer Limits Universal
Headstones Producer/Mixer/Platinum Album/Double Platinum Single Picture Of Health “When Something Stands For Nothing Universal
Michelin Slave Producer/Mixer Poised To Meet The Maker Magada
Love Chain Producer Mixer Burn Universal
Lee Aaron Producer/mixer/Double Platinum Single Emotional Rain “Odds of Love A&M
Nothing In Particular Producer/Mixer Is That Right? Kinetic
The Killjoys Additional Producer/Mixer Starry Warners
I Mother Earth Producer/Mixer I Mother Earth Indie
Joan Jett Producer/Mixer Good Music Sony
Mighty Mighty Bosstones 12/7" Mixer Last Dead Mouse Polygram
Talk Talk Gold LP/U.K. *Life’s What You Make It EMI
David Bowie 12/7" Mixer Platinum LP/U.S *Never Let meDown EMI
Duran Duran 12/7" Mixer Platinum LP/U.S *Meet El Presidente Proposition EMI
Yes 12/7" Mixer Platinum LP/U.S *Rhythm Of Love – Big Generator ATCO
Billy Idol 12/7" Mixer Platinum LP/U.S *Flesh For Fantasy Chrysalis
Haywire Producer/mixer Get Off ATTIC
Pseudo Echo Producer/Mixer 2X Platinum/Australia 1X Gold Canada Gold USA LOVE AN ADVENTURE "Love an Adventure" "Don't Go" "Living in a Dream" Also includes "Funky Town" Remixer (Top 5 U.S.) EMI Australia BMG Int.
Kids in the Kitchen Mixer Platinum LP/U.S SHINE "Current Stand" (Top 10 AUS.) "Revolution Love Mushroom/Aus. SIRE/USA
Animotion Mixer Platinum LP/U.S. *Obsession Polygram
Indecent Obsession Producer/Mixer Gold Single/Australia Platinum/Australia SPOKEN WORDS "Say Goodbye" "Come Back to Me" (Top 5 Australia) Universal
The Chantoozies Producer/Mixer/Platinum Australia Wanna Be Up (Top 5 Australia) "Kiss and Tell" (Top 10 Australia) Mushroom
Joan Jett 12“/Mixer *Cherry Bomb Universal
Jimmy Barnes 12"/Mixer Platinum/Australia Seven Days Mushroom/Greffen
The Black Sorrows 12"/Mixer Platinum/Australia Never Let Me Go Sony Australia
Jaki Graham 12"/Mixer *Set Me Free EMI U.K.
The Eurogliders Producer/mixer Dreamin – If You Don’t Know Sony Australia
Kool & The Gang 12/7”/mixer Platinum LP *Fresh-*Emergency-Mislead Polygram
Love & Money 12”/Mixer River of People Phonogram
Machinations Producer/Mixer 12" Mixer Cars & Planes-Do to you Mushroom
Jayne Reyne 12"/Mixer *Inside a Dream EMI
Boy George 12"/Mixer Rip It Up EMI Australia
Until December Producer/Mixer *Secrets I Won't Tell 415/CBS
The Kane Gang 12/7" Mixer Gold LP *Respect Yourself London/UK
Scarlett & Black 12/7" Mixer * "You Don't Know Virgin
Anabella (BowWowWow) 12/Mixer War Boys RCA/UK
Ian Dury & the Blockheads 12"/Mixer Sex & Drugs" "Hit Me" "Wake Up donnée L4-D
Nick Heyward 12/7" Mixer Warning Sign Arista/UK
Mink Deville 12"/Mixer Italian Shoes Polygram
Nona Hendryx 12/7" Mixer *Baby-Go-Go EMI
Cameo 12" Mixer LP *She's Strange Polygram
Stephanie Mills 12/7" Mixer Gold LP * Medicine Song Polygram
Gwen Guthrie 12/7" Mixer Gold LP Nothin' Goin on but the Rent Polygram
Rene & Angela 12/7" Mixer *I'll be Good Polygram
The Bar-kays 12/7" Mixer *Sexomatic- *Your Place or Mine-*Dance your body Polygram
Confunkshun 12/7" Mixer *Burnin' Love-*She's Sweet-*Tell me what I'm Gonna Do Epic
Marilyn 12”Mixer "Spirit in the Sky" Epic
Loose Ends 12”Mixer Gotta Get your Body Movin' Virgin/UK
Freeze Producer Mixer 2-LP Cuts Beggars/Banquet UK

" * " = Top Ten Billboard Dance

Theme from Dune - TOTO (Polygram) Mixed the title theme from this David Lynch film; performed by the pop-rock band TOTO and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Mannequin - "Do You Dream About Me" -ALISHA (BMG), produced and mixed this Dianne Warren song for the main dance sequence in this blockbuster film. Knights of the City (New World) - Musical Supervisor and soundtrack producer for this feature-length film. Soundtrack included artists such as Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. Gotcha - JOAN JETT (Sony). Mixed the title theme for this feature-length film. Co-mixed with song producers Jimmy Iovine (Interscope Records - CEO) and Kenny Laguna.

Executive producer discography[edit]

Mr.Spike Executive Producer Beer Can Alley ATTACK
The Clockhouse Executive Producer Every Android That I Know ATTACK
Adam & Eve (Feature Film) Soundtrack Executive Producer Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ATTACK/Lions Gate
Echoface Executive Producer Echoface ATTACK


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