Mark Schneider (designer)

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Mark Schneider (designer)

Mark Schneider is an award winning[citation needed] American jewelry designer based in Long Beach, California.


Mark’s grandfather Simon Schneider emigrated from Russia to Los Angeles in the 1920s. He had nothing but a collection of handmade cigarette cases to his name. Within months, he opened a fine jewelry store in downtown Los Angeles and started the legacy of the three-generation Schneider Family jewelry business.[1]

Simon’s sons, Max & Irving, followed in their father’s footsteps and opened jewelry stores in Long Beach in 1930. By 1945 their youngest brother Dave opened his own jewelry business, Dave Schneider Fine Jewelry,[2] which was located in the Insurance Exchange Building in downtown Long Beach, California.

Mark continued to win awards throughout the 1990s and increased his reputation in the industry for his colored gemstone designs.[3]


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