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Mark S. Seidenberg is Vilas Research Professor and Donald O. Hebb Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a Senior Scientist at Haskins Laboratories.[1][2] He is a specialist in psycholinguistics, focusing specifically on the cognitive and neurological bases of language and reading. Seidenberg received his Ph.D. from Columbia University under the mentorship of Thomas Bever and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for the Study of Reading at the University of Illinois. He has held academic positions at McGill University,[3] the University of Southern California,[4] and since 2001 at the University of Wisconsin.[5] Seidenberg has published over a hundred scientific articles[6] and is the author of Language at the Speed of Sight (2017).[7] Seidenberg is married to fellow psychologist Maryellen MacDonald and has two children.[8][9]


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