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Mark Simonson in 2010

Mark Simonson (born 1955) is an American independent font designer who works in St. Paul, Minnesota.[1][2][3][4][5]

Simonson has described his fonts as often being inspired by lettering styles of the past, such as the graphic design of the 1970s and Art Deco graphics.[6][7][8] Simonson’s most popular font is Proxima Nova (1994, revised 2005), a geometric-grotesque sans-serif design used by companies such as BuzzFeed, Mashable, NBC, Wired and Mic.[9][10] As of June 2016, it is the second highest-selling family on font sales website MyFonts.[11]

Simonson worked as a graphic designer before specialising in font design.[12][13] He has credited his career as a font designer to his partner Pat winning money on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, as her success allowed him to take six months off from graphic design work to develop a library of fonts that he could sell.[6][7] He has also written blog articles on the history of type design and the lettering styles used in films.[14][15]


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