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Mark Smith is the author of several fantasy gamebooks.


Smith is of Czech-Hungarian/English descent, his mother was brought as a child from Hungary settling in the UK just before the Second World War. Born in Birmingham Smith was educated in Brighton and went on to gain an MA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University and spent some time racing in Formula Renault.[citation needed]


Mark Smith is an author of gamebooks, including co-authoring two Fighting Fantasy titles (Talisman of Death[1] and Sword of the Samurai[2]), and the series Duel Master,[3] Falcon and Way of the Tiger (1985-1987),[4] all of which he co-authored with Jamie Thomson, whom he met whilst at school in Brighton. He also wrote two of the Virtual Reality series. He cites his gaming career as having begun with Original Dungeons & Dragons in 1976.

Today, Smith remains in southeast England and working in the field of software testing and quality assurance for NMQA - Software Testing.[citation needed]

List of works[edit]

  • Fighting Fantasy #11: Talisman of Death
  • Fighting Fantasy #20: Sword of the Samurai
  • Falcon
    • The Renegade Lord
    • Mechanon
    • The Rack of Baal
    • Lost in Time
    • The Dying Sun
    • At the End of Time
  • The Way of the Tiger
    • Avenger!
    • Assassin!
    • Usurper!
    • Overlord!
    • Warbringer!
    • Inferno!
  • Duel Master
    • Challenge of the Magi
    • Blood Valley
    • The Shattered Realm
    • Arena of Death
  • Virtual Reality #1: Green Blood
  • Virtual Reality #3: The Coils of Hate


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