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Mark Spencer, (born September 28, 1957, in Champaign, Illinois) is an American guitarist, steel guitarist, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and musician currently based in Brooklyn, New York. An original member of seminal alt-country band Blood Oranges, he continues to work as an in-demand band member and sideman with a diverse range of new and established musical artists. He is currently a member of the band Son Volt, and appears on their 2009 release American Central Dust as lap and pedal steel guitarist, keyboardist, background vocalist, and engineer.[1]


While Spencer plays many types of guitars from several manufacturers (Recording King, Hamer, First Act, Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, Collings, Supro, National, Bonanzinga), he most often uses Telecasters or similar solid-body guitars. Spencer is often seen performing using custom guitars from Creston Electric Instruments.


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