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Mark Taylor (music producer)

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Mark Taylor (born in Windsor, England) is a British record producer and songwriter. He has worked with artists such as Cher,[1] Tina Turner,[2] Lady Gaga,[3] Nelly Furtado,[4] Lionel Richie,[5] Hall & Oates,[6] Rod Stewart,[7] Belinda Carlisle,[8] Daniel Bedingfield,[9] Ronan Keating,[10] Enrique Iglesias,[11] Britney Spears,[12] James Morrison,[13] Kylie Minogue,[14] Jennifer Lopez.[15] Taylor worked on Cher's 1998 album Believe, which won a Grammy for its title track.[16][17][18][19] The album went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide.[20] The song "Believe" featured an early example of the vocal effect Auto tune.[21]

Songwriting and production credits[edit]

Title Year Artist Album Songwriter Producer
Primary Secondary Additional Vocal
"Believe" 1998 Cher Believe checkY
"Runaway" checkY checkY
"All or Nothing" checkY checkY
"Strong Enough" checkY checkY
"Dov'è l'amore" checkY checkY
"Takin' Back My Heart" checkY
"Now That You're Gone" 1999 Mike + the Mechanics M6 checkY
"When the Heartache Is Over" Tina Turner Twenty Four Seven checkY
"Don't Leave Me This Way" checkY checkY
"Rhythm Divine" Enrique Iglesias Enrique checkY checkY
"Be With You" checkY checkY
"Bailamos" checkY checkY
"Ritmo Total" (Rhythm Divine) checkY checkY
"Stronger" Gary Barlow Twelve Months, Eleven Days checkY
"Viva La Musica" 2000 Gipsyland Viva La Musica checkY
"Torito" checkY
"Ana Maria" checkY
"La Bodega" checkY
"La Quiero, No, No" checkY
"La Droga" checkY
"Me Siento Triste" checkY
"Cantame Gitano" checkY
"Mama" checkY
"Me Va Me Va" checkY
"Amigo De Verdad" checkY
"Ole Ola" checkY
"Santa Sarah" checkY
"Hang On in There Baby" Curiosity Back to Front checkY
"Gimme the Sunshine" checkY
"Could I Have This Kiss Forever"
(with Enrique Iglesias)
Whitney Houston Whitney: The Greatest Hits checkY
"On a Night Like This" Kylie Minogue Light Years checkY checkY
"Angel" Lionel Richie Renaissance checkY checkY
"Tender Heart" checkY
"Just Can't Say Goodbye" checkY checkY
"Here is My Heart" checkY checkY
"Don't Stop the Music" checkY checkY
"Livin' for Love" Natalie Cole The Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 checkY
"Hero" 2001 Enrique Iglesias Escape checkY checkY
"Chain Reaction" Steps Gold: Greatest Hits checkY
"E Sara' A Settembre (Someone Like You)" Andrea Bocelli Cieli di Toscana checkY
"L' Incontro"
(featuring Bono)
"L'Ultimo Re" checkY
"Love to See You Cry" Enrique Iglesias Escape checkY checkY
"One Night Stand" checkY checkY
"She Be the One" checkY checkY
"Heroe" checkY checkY
"Surrender" 2002 Laura Pausini From the Inside checkY
"If You're Not the One" Daniel Bedingfield Gotta Get Thru This checkY
"Honest Questions" checkY
"Never Gonna Leave Your Side" checkY
"Miss America" Nick Carter Now or Never checkY checkY
"To Love a Woman"
(featuring Enrique Iglesias)
Lionel Richie Encore checkY
"Breathe on Me" 2003 Britney Spears In the Zone checkY
"Turn It On Again" Ronan Keating Turn It On checkY
"She Gets Me Inside" checkY
"First Time" checkY checkY
"Let Her Down Easy" checkY
"She Believes (In Me)" checkY
"The Best of Me" checkY
"Hold You Now" checkY checkY
"I Wouldn't Change a Thing" checkY checkY
"Not in Love" Enrique Iglesias 7 checkY checkY
"California Callin'" checkY checkY
"Addicted" checkY checkY
"Free" checkY
"Be Yourself" checkY
"Wish You Were Here (With Me)" checkY checkY
"You Rock Me" checkY checkY
"Adicto" checkY checkY
"Batcha Never" 2004 Cherie Cherie checkY
"I Belong" checkY
"Never Gone" 2005 Backstreet Boys Never Gone checkY
"Unbelievable" Craig David The Story Goes... checkY checkY
"Wish I Was Over You" Jo O'Meara Relentless checkY checkY
"All Over Again"
(featuring Kate Rusby)
2006 Ronan Keating Bring You Home checkY
"Friends in Time" checkY
"This I Promise You" checkY checkY
"Iris" checkY
"Superman" checkY
"It's So Easy Lovin' You" checkY
"Bring You Home" checkY checkY
"Hello Again" checkY
"Just When I'd Given Up Dreaming" checkY
"(We Just Need) Time" checkY
"So Far Away" checkY checkY
"Introducing The Brand" 2006 The Ordinary Boys How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted In Ten Easy Steps checkY
"Lonely At The Top" checkY checkY
"The Great Big Rip Off" checkY
"Club Chez-Moi" checkY
"I Luv U" checkY
"Nine2Five" checkY
"Commercial Breakdown" checkY
"Ballad of an Unrequited Self-Love Affair" checkY
"The Higher The Highs" checkY
"Shut Your Mouth" checkY
"We've Got The Best Job Ever" checkY
"Walking On The Faultlines (The Ultimate Step)" checkY
"Thank You And Goodnight" checkY
"Who's That Boy?" checkY
"Boys Will Be Boys" checkY
"Little Girl" 2007 Enrique Iglesias Insomniac checkY checkY
"Don't You Forget About Me" checkY checkY
"You Make It Real" 2008 James Morrison Songs for You, Truths for Me checkY
"Broken Strings"
(featuring Nelly Furtado)
"Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" checkY checkY
"3 Little Words" Frankmusik Complete Me checkY
"The First Thing" 2009 Esmée Denters Outta Here checkY checkY
"When You're Around" Frankmusik Complete Me checkY
"Standing Tears Apart" Remi Nicole Cupid Shoot Me checkY
"Cupid Shoot Me" checkY
"In My Dreams" checkY
"Nice Boy" checkY
"Loveless" checkY
"Another Day" checkY
"Broken Hearted People" checkY
"Come Find Me" checkY
"Going It Alone" checkY
"I'll Be Waiting" checkY
"Love Me So" checkY
"I Don't Know How" checkY
(featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
2010 Enrique Iglesias Euphoria checkY checkY
"Welcome to Burlesque" Cher Burlesque: OST checkY
"You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" checkY
"Don't Say Goodbye" Olly Murs Olly Murs checkY checkY
"Heartbreaker" 2011 Enrique Iglesias Euphoria checkY checkY
"Coming Home" checkY checkY
"I Won't Let You Go" James Morrison The Awakening checkY
(featuring Jessie J)
"Glitter & Gold" Rebecca Ferguson Heaven checkY
"Love & Hate" 2012 Marcus Collins Marcus Collins checkY checkY
"That's Just Life" checkY checkY
"Buildings and Treetops" Nell Bryden Non-album single checkY
"White and Black" 2013 Josh Kumra Good Things Come to Those
Who Wait
"Take It Like a Man" Cher Closer to the Truth checkY
"My Love" checkY
"Dressed to Kill" checkY checkY
"Lovers Forever" checkY
"Sirens" checkY checkY
"I Hope You Find It" checkY
"That's Alright with Me" Olly Murs Right Place Right Time checkY checkY
(with Kylie Minogue)
2014 Enrique Iglesias Sex and Love / Kiss
Me Once
checkY checkY
"Only a Woman" Sex and Love checkY checkY
"Always" 2015 Ella Eyre Feline checkY checkY
"I Need You Tonight" James Morrison Higher Than Here checkY checkY
"Sticks and Stones" 2017 Nelly Furtado The Ride checkY checkY
"Phoenix" checkY
"Bliss" checkY
"The Letter" Mike + the Mechanics Let Me Fly checkY checkY
"I'll Be There for You" checkY checkY
"Raining Glitter" 2018 Kylie Minogue Golden checkY checkY
"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" Cher Dancing Queen checkY
"SOS" checkY
"One of Us" checkY
"Dancing Queen" checkY
"The Name of the Game" checkY
"Waterloo" checkY
"Mamma Mia" checkY
"Chiquitita" checkY
"Fernando" checkY
"The Winner Takes It All" checkY
"My Love Goes On" ( Featuring Joss Stone) 2019 James Morrison You're Stronger Than You Know checkY
"Brighter Kind Of Love" checkY
"So Beautiful" checkY
"Feels Like The First Time" checkY checkY
"Glorious" checkY
"Power" checkY
"Slowly" checkY
"Ruins" checkY
"I Still Need You" checkY checkY
"Don't Wanna Lose You Now" checkY checkY
"Cross The Line" checkY
"Until The Stars Go Out" checkY checkY
"DJ Play a Christmas Song" 2023 Cher Christmas checkY
"What Christmas Means to Me" (with Stevie Wonder) checkY
"Run Rudolph Run" checkY
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" (with Darlene Love) checkY
"Angels in the Snow" checkY
"Home" (with Michael Bublé) checkY
"Please Come Home for Christmas" checkY
"I Like Christmas" checkY
"Christmas Ain't Christmas Without You" checkY checkY
"Santa Baby" checkY
"Put a Little Holiday in Your Heart" (with Cyndi Lauper) checkY
"This Will Be Our Year" checkY


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