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The Mark Time Awards are the most prominent radio drama awards worldwide in conjunction with the Ogle Awards. The awards are granted by the MISFITS Minnesota Society For Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy and judged by a panel of five distinguished radio producers. Each year there are new judges however many remain from previous years. The award is named after the character Mark Time created by the Firesign Theatre in the 1970s.


The award is a science fiction audio competition and submissions are sent voluntarily to the panel each year. The goal is to find the year's best science fiction audio production on the planet. The criteria for winners are based on:

  • The degree to which the production fits the subjective description "science fiction," as distinguished from "horror" or "fantasy." Originality of story and script make a difference.
  • Use of Medium - sound design, location recording, "audio art."
  • Writing - storyline, characterizations, dialogue, originality.
  • Performances. (Full cast, not a "reading".)
  • Direction.
  • Technical production.


Recipients receive a wood and brass plaque with the image of Mark Time, the producer's name, and the title of the production and year engraved on it. The awards are presented in July each year at the science fiction convention CONvergence a speculative fiction convention held annually on the first weekend in July in Minnesota, United States. Sponsored by the local fan organization MISFITS.

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