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Mark Tschanz is a Swiss / American musician and score composer who has worked in the film industry since 1994. He composed the soundtrack to 2:37 in 2006.

The following is extracted from various online sources.


  • "Living Lost" Dir Jon Bessire
  • "We are Wisconsin" Dir Amie Williams
  • "LA I hate you" aka:"Based on true events" composer. Dir Yvan Gauthier
  • "Lady of Sorrows" Composer Dir Terence Gross
  • "Touched" 2009 feature score composer.
  • "A boy called Dad" musician, guitarist.
  • “8” (eight) segment : “Reduce Child Mortality” director: Gus van Sant (2008)
  • “Final song” Feature Score Composer for Crystal Sky Productions](2008)
  • "The West Wittering Affair (2006) Dir : D Scheinmann
  • "2:37" (2006)
  • ".357" (2005)
  • "Leestemaker: Portrait of an Artist (2003)
  • "Teknolust (2002)
  • "Hotel Splendide (film)|Hotel Splendide" (2000) Dir Terence Gross
  • "The Sin Eater" Dir Terence Gross.
  • "Stealing Beauty" Song "(This is) the Life". Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci.
  • "The Sin Eater" (1997) (TV)
  • "Fun" (1994)
  • "Impulse" Song" Tango" Dir Sondra Locke


  • Factory Lines _ Theme Music.
  • 12 episodes of "Extreme Engineering" (US) aka:"Colossal Construction" US/"Kings of Construction" UK
  • "The Polar Bears of Churchill, with Ewan McGregor
  • "Dr Tatiana's Sex Guide to All Creation"
  • Series "Pevsner"
  • "Ewan and the Bears"
  • "Dr Tatiana"
  • "Paris" and "Buenos Aires" for CNN...

""Baywatch" songs "Happy" and "The life" in episodes 136 and 140 of the series

  • Other works:
  • Ballet"Trazom" for ISO at Mozart's bicentennial NY Lincoln Center Chor: Danny Ezralow
  • Ballet "Mountains in your Face" for "the Movers" Dance Company Chor: Danny Ezralow


In 2014 some album activity started again as Chillbillyman and as composer producer for and album by the Sony Music artist Carlos Leal.

In 2012, he began Producing albums for other artists.

His album; Blue Dog was released in 1996. The second track "Love Song" is the theme music for the popular video gaming podcast "Digital Cowboys"

"Blue Dog" track listing

  • 1. The Life
  • 2. Love Song
  • 3. Time
  • 4. Storm
  • 5. Happy
  • 6. Rattlesnake
  • 7. The Immortals
  • 8. Windwalker
  • 9. Rain
  • 10. Incubus

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