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Mark Turner
photo of Mark Turner
Nationality American
Alma mater University of California, Berkeley
Awards Anneliese Maier Research Prize (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) (2015); Prix du Rayonnement de la langue et de la littérature françaises (Académie française) (1996)
Scientific career
Fields cognitive science, linguistics, decision-making, reasoning, communication, media, marketing
Institutions Case Western Reserve University

Mark Turner (born 1954) is a cognitive scientist, linguist, and author. He is Institute Professor and Professor of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University.[1] He has won an Anneliese Maier Research Prize from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2015) and a Grand Prix (Prix du Rayonnement de la langue et de la littérature françaises) from the French Academy (1996) for his work in these fields.[2][3] Turner and Gilles Fauconnier founded the theory of conceptual blending, presented in textbooks and encyclopedias.[4] Turner is also the director of the Cognitive Science Network (CSN)[5] and co-director of the Distributed Little Red Hen Lab.


  • Death is the Mother of Beauty: Mind, Metaphor, Criticism (University of Chicago Press, 1987)
  • More Than Cool Reason: A Field Guide to Poetic Metaphor (with George Lakoff, University of Chicago Press, 1989)
  • Reading Minds: The Study of English in the Age of Cognitive Science (Princeton University Press, 1991)
  • The Literary Mind: The Origins of Thought and Language (Oxford University Press, 1996)
  • Cognitive Dimensions of Social Science: The Way We Think About Politics, Economics, Law, and Society (Oxford University Press, 2001)
  • The Way We Think: Conceptual Blending and the Mind's Hidden Complexities (with Gilles Fauconnier, Basic Books, 2002)
  • The Artful Mind: Cognitive Science and the Riddle of Human Creativity (Oxford University Press, 2006)
  • Clear and Simple as the Truth: Writing Classic Prose Second Edition (with Francis-Noël Thomas, Princeton University Press, 2011) ISBN 978-0-691-14743-7.
  • The Origin of Ideas: Blending, Creativity, and the Human Spark (Oxford University Press, 2014)

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