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Mark Valentine is an author, editor, poet and micro-publisher.[1] His short story collections include Selected Stories (2012) and Seventeen Stories (2013), both published by The Swan River Press, Dublin.[2] His story ‘Vain Shadows Flee’ was chosen for Best British Short Stories 2016 edited by Nicholas Royle (Salt Publishing).[3]

Secret Europe is a shared collection with John Howard (author) comprising 25 short stories set in a variety of real and fictional European locations. The Collected Connoisseur (Tartarus Press, 2010) brings together the adventures of an occult detective whose real name is never revealed, some written jointly with John Howard. ‘The Descent of the Fire’, a story in this series by Valentine & Howard, was included in the 2004 World Fantasy Award winning anthology Strange Tales edited by Rosalie Parker.[4] Herald of the Hidden (Tartarus Press, 2013) collects stories about Ralph Tyler, a Northamptonshire psychic sleuth.[5]

As a biographer, Valentine has published a life of Arthur Machen[6] and a study of Sarban.[7] And I'd Be the King of China is a monograph on the author and adventurer Charles Welsh Mason, reprinted in Haunted By Books (2015), a collection of essays about book collecting, minor writers and the uncanny.[8] He wrote regularly about neglected authors for Book and Magazine Collector magazine from 1995 until its closure in 2010. He has also compiled a checklist of 'The Literature of Terrestrial Zodiacs'.[9]

From 1985 to 1988, he edited Source,[10] a journal devoted to the research and preservation of ancient holy wells. He then co-edited (with Roger Dobson) Aklo, a journal of the fantastic.[11] Valentine currently edits Wormwood, a journal dedicated to fantastic, supernatural and decadent literature.[12] Valentine has provided introductions to over thirty books, including titles from Tartarus Press, Valancourt Books and Wordsworth Editions.

In micro-publishing, with Roger Dobson he ran Caermaen Books, principally devoted to titles about Arthur Machen and, with Jo Valentine, he has issued handmade artist books under the Valentine & Valentine imprint. These have include The Third Alias – A T E Lawrence Mystery, which discusses the possibility of a missing book in Lawrence’s bibliography,[13] and The Ephemeral is the Eternal: Three Art Poems by Sidney Hunt,[14] introduced by Valentine, about ‘Britain’s lost art deco experimental poet’.

Valentine has also issued sound recordings. As the Mystic Umbrellas, he contributed "Journey to the West", a keyboard piece, to the Deleted Funtime independent tape (Deleted Records, Dec 009, 1980),[15] and as Radio Dromedary contributed a work of treated shortwave recordings to National Grid 2 (Conventional Tapes, CON 015, 1981).[16] He also issued The Sound of the Sea/The Sound of Pendeen Watch, a sound recording of the sea and a Cornish lighthouse foghorn (Zennor Hill tapes, 1983).


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  • In Violet Veils, Tartarus Press (Horam, Sussex), 1999
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  • Seventeen Stories, Swan River Press (Dublin), 2013


  • At Dusk, Ex Occidente Press (Bucharest, Romania) 2012
  • Star Kites: Poems & Versions, Tartarus Press (North Yorkshire), 2013

Non Fiction[edit]

  • Arthur Machen, Seren Books, 1985
  • Time, a Falconer: A Study of Sarban, Tartarus Press (North Yorkshire), 2010
  • Haunted By Books, Tartarus Press (North Yorkshire), 2015


  • The Garden of Ruin, God of the Rain, Fetish Press, 1980
  • The Holy Wells of Northamptonshire, The Hundreds Press, 1984
  • The Paravine Cries, The Stenbock Society, 1996
  • The English Leopard: An Heraldic Dialogue, privately printed, 2005
  • A Revelation of Cormorants, Night Jar Press, 2010
  • And I'd Be the King of China, L’Homme Récent (Bucharest,Romania), 2014


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