Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better

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Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better is a radio comedy programme starring Mark Watson. It started on BBC Radio 4 on 13 February 2007. The show is recorded in front of a live audience and has the format of stand-up comedy from Watson interspersed with songs and poetry.

Series 1[edit]

Each episode of the first series dealt with the problems of the world, characterised by the seven deadly sins. Tim Minchin provided music, and Tim Key provided poetry.

Series 2[edit]

The second series began on 13 August 2008, this time looking at the world's virtues. Tim Key again provided poems, but Tom Basden replaced Minchin as the musician.

Series 3[edit]

The third series, officially titled Mark Watson's Live Address to the Nation, discussed qualities that were neither explicitly good nor bad. Key and Basden were again present, and the show was performed live on air. The show also contained an interactive aspect, with Key reading out messages from Twitter that were hashtagged '#Watsonlive'. Watson would also perform a task at the end of each show, based on a vote from the public via Twitter. The pilot, "Ambition", was aired before the series was commissioned on 28 February 2011, with the first episode of the full series airing 3 November 2011

  • Pilot - Ambition
  • Episode 1 - Strength
  • Episode 2 - Faith
  • Episode 3 - Intelligence
  • Episode 4 - Passion
  • Episode 5 - Tolerance
  • Episode 6 - Goodwill

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