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Mark Weiss is an American rock and roll photographer.[1] His most widely recognized photographs capture the look and aesthetic of music and celebrity personalities of the 1980s. His work with renowned publications such as Circus magazine and FACES helped establish Mark "Weissguy" Weiss as a name known for rock photography. He has photographed everyone from the Rolling Stones, KISS, Madonna, to the Wu Tang Clan[2]



As a teenager, Weiss photographed live concerts without permission, and sold prints of his photographs to fans of the performers. In 1977 he was arrested for selling pictures of the band KISS at one of their Madison Square Garden concerts in New York.

His first nationally published work was a photograph of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler; a centerfold in the June 1978 issue of Circus. Soon thereafter, Weiss was hired as their staff photographer.


Weiss quickly developed relationships with musicians and their managers, and became immersed in the burgeoning rock and roll scene. He played an active role in creating the visual imagery of heavy metal and glam rock, as these styles of music began to gain radio airplay, eventually topping the charts and packing stadiums worldwide. Major acts and record labels contracted Weiss for photography and art direction, and many albums to which he contributed went on to multi-platinum sales. Weiss became tour photographer for numerous artists of the era, including Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe, Poison, Metallica, Twisted Sister and countless others. His material is also syndicated internationally in books, magazines, and licensed merchandising.



Mark Weiss has been credited with introducing Sebastian Bach to the band Skid Row. Bach's memorable performance at Weiss' wedding caught the notice of guitarist Dave Sabo, who consequently sent Bach a video of his band Skid Row performing, and arranged an audition. The band went on to make two multi-platinum selling albums with Bach as lead vocalist.

Weiss is also responsible for introducing guitarist Zakk Wylde to Ozzy Osbourne. Upon discovering him through recommendation from Dave "face" Feld, Weiss gave Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne a tape recording and photograph of Wylde. As a family friend of the Osbournes, and trusted long-time photographer of Ozzy, Weiss recommended the then teen-aged Wylde to take the lead guitarist role recently vacated by Jake E. Lee. The Osbournes called Zakk, still living with his parents at the time, and arranged to fly him to Los Angeles and join Ozzy's band.

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