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Mark Wood
Born 1953
County Durham
Residence London, United Kingdom
Citizenship British
Occupation Chairman of Paternoster
Children One son, two daughters

Mark Wood (born 1953 in County Durham) has been at the helm of several financial services and technology start-ups, both in the UK and New York City.


Mark Wood began his career with the accountancy firm Price Waterhouse (PwC). He also held posts in Commercial Union and Barclays.[1]

After running the AA's insurance arm for three years, Wood was made chief executive of AXA Equity & Law. Buying into Sun Life put him in charge of a FTSE 100 company which subsequently bought Guardian Royal Exchange and set about integrating the group.[2] In 2001 Mark moved from AXA to join Prudential plc and became its UK and European Chief Executive.[3] In 2006, Wood’s work in re-establishing Prudential plc as a leader in the UK insurance market became the subject of a case study by the International Institute for Management Development.[4] In 2005 he founded and became chief executive of Paternoster; a regulated insurance company that takes on the risks associated with companies’ final salary/defined benefit pension schemes. The company received backing of £500 million, led by Deutsche Bank. In 2009, Mark became the deputy chairman. Mark Wood has a number of interests and is chairman of Dave King’s Digitalis Reputation, which specialises in Online Reputation Management;[5] CEO of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Employee Benefits;[6] and audit committee chairman and non-executive director of the RAC Limited.[7] He was formerly chairman of Beta London Advertising and Lloyds Insurer Chaucer PLC.[8] He is a regular commentator in the press on pensions and insurance. In 2016, Mark became chairman of PensionBee Limited.[1]

In 2010, Wood received an honorary doctorate in business administration from Anglia Ruskin University.[9]

Charity Work[edit]

Mark is the chairman of the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).[10] Mark also ran the Full Stop campaign to raise £280m through events such as a dinner with Bill Clinton and Elton John in St Petersburg.[11]

Personal life[edit]

Mark enjoys spending time with his family and going on his annual skiing trip.


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