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Mark Wright
Born 1974

Dr Mark Wright is a software engineer and elected councillor in Bristol. He has been councillor for Cabot ward since 2005, and was re-elected in 2009 and 2013.[1] Between 2009 and 2011 he was Executive Councillor responsible for Housing, Service Improvement and IT on Bristol City Council in Bristol, England.[2]


Mark Wright was born in Bristol in 1974, went to schools in Bristol and has a degree in chemistry from Bristol University. He also completed a PhD in astrophysics at Bristol University. This PhD on "interstellar hydroxyl masers" won the Royal Astronomical Society's prize for "Best PhD in the UK" in 2002[3]


In his role on the council executive, Mark Wright was responsible for nearly 30,000 council houses in the city that house over 60,000 residents – one of the largest retained stocks of housing in the country – and was responsible for the spend of about £150m of public money per year.[4] He has initiated the first council house building program in Bristol for nearly 30 years[5][6] and launched a drive to get empty homes in the city back into use.[7] Under his IT remit he also tightened the Council's rules on RIPA authorisations to limit council "snooping" on residents.[8][9][10] He was also chairman of one of the City Council's planning committees from 2007–2009.

He was a member of the South West Provisional Council[11] and sat on the "West of England Partnership" Planning and Housing Board, which oversees policy in the former Avon area.[12] He was a Governor of St George's Primary School, which he helped to save from closure in 2008.[13]

He has a record of opposing ID cards,[14][15] supporting tidal power in the Severn Estuary[16] and supporting civil liberties,[17][18][19] and campaigning for reform of Parliamentary expenses.[20] He has also campaigned against nuclear power[21][22] and against light pollution.[23][24] In 2006 he helped save a popular piece of graffiti by renowned local artist Banksy. An online petition Mark started collected over 3,500 signatures and was at that time the biggest e-Petition the council had ever received.[25]

He was the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bristol South constituency at the 2010 General Election. In May 2011 he was considered a contender for the Bristol Lib Dem leadership.[26]

Open Standards advocacy[edit]

Holding the responsibility for IT at Bristol City Council in 2009, Wright was a vocal proponent of Open Source,[27][28] open document formats,[29] and open data in UK local government.[30][31] He speaks at IT conferences to highlight the problems still faced by public sector organisations wanting to avoid "vendor lock-in", particularly to Microsoft.[32][33]


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