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Mark de Solla Price

Mark de Solla Price (born May 17, 1960 in New Haven, Connecticut) is an author, journalist, public speaker, civil rights activist, and HIV/AIDS educator.[1] Price is a long time Greenwich Village resident and a Unitarian Universalist, and the author of the book Living Positively in a World with HIV/AIDS. He was a featured subject (along with his late husband Vinny Allegrini) in the HBO documentary Positively Naked with Spencer Tunick.

Formerly Director of Information Technology for CDM Publishing, LLC (Smart + Strong : POZ Real Health AIDSmeds ComboCards).

He is the son of Derek J. de Solla Price. He's of Spanish-Jewish and English-Jewish descent by father side and his mother is Danish.

Price was widowed when his husband Vinny Allegrini died at 66 on March 4, 2015, from an AIDS-related cirrhosis.[2]


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