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Mark Fell (artist)

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Mark Fell is a Rotherham-based music producer and artist.[1] He has released several albums under his own name, with the duo SND he shares with Mat Steel, under the moniker Sensate Focus, and in various collaborations. He also maintains a sound art installation practice. Fell's work primarily explores the politics and ideologies of electronic dance music and experimental music culture, and is noted for its restrained and minimal style, which writer Dan Barrow described in The Wire as "fragments of dance genres . . . torn from their contexts and stripped down to their barest logic, each component probed and rearranged until it makes provisional sense".[2]


Mark Fell and collaborations[edit]


Shirt Trax (with Jeremy Potter) ‘Good News About Space’ (1999) OR Recordings

Shirt Trax (with Jeremy Potter) ‘Chewables’ fals.ch recordings

  • Multistability (2010), Raster-Noton
  • UL8 (2010), Editions Mego
  • Periodic Orbits of a Dynamic System Related to a Knot (2011), Editions Mego
  • Manitutshu (2011), Editions Mego
  • Sentielle Objectif Actualité (2012), Editions Mego
  • n-Dimensional Analysis (2013), Liberation Technologies
  • The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making (2015), The Death of Rave. Collaboration with Gábor Lázár.
  • Intra (2018), Boomkat Editions

Sensate Focus[edit]

With SND[edit]


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