Market Street Bridge (Clearfield, Pennsylvania)

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Market St. Bridge (Clearfield, PA)
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Coordinates 41°01′19″N 78°26′30″W / 41.02194°N 78.44167°W / 41.02194; -78.44167Coordinates: 41°01′19″N 78°26′30″W / 41.02194°N 78.44167°W / 41.02194; -78.44167
Carries Motor vehicles, 2 lanes, pedestrians
Crosses West Branch Susquehanna River
Locale Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Design Truss bridge
Total length 322 feet (98 m)
Width 34.5 feet (10.5 m)

Market Street Bridge (Clearfield, PA) is a bridge in the borough of Clearfield, Pennsylvania. It connects East Market Street and West Market Street. The bridge crosses over the West Branch Susquehanna River, and is one of two bridges that crosses over the river in the town.


The bridge was built in 1938 by on-site contractor Clyde Thomson of Bethlehem Steel Company of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The steel for the structure came from the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Des Moines, Iowa. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1994.[1]